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Kokum (Garcinia cambogia) - Great For Weight Loss & Healthy
For most of us, the very idea of losing weight can prove to be dreadful. We are often confused considering what would be the best conduct to go about it, and we lose the smallest of hopes when even one
How Barberine Improves Insulin Action & Glucose Metabolism in Diabetes
Barberine, a natural alkaloid found in various traditional plants like Goldenseal, Barberry, Goldthread, Oregon grape, Tree Turmeric and Philodendron; has long been used across China and India for a variety of medicinal purposes.
How does clove oil help in oral disease? Efficiency of Clove Oil in Relieving Oral Problems
Clove or Lavang as referred to in Hindi, is a natural herb that contains several incredible healthcare properties. The Clove oil is an essential oil extracted from the clove plant, Syzygium aromaticum, which
Why NASA Has Recommends Spirulina As Excellent Space Food?
Ever thought that there is a centuries-old super-food that has recently been acknowledged as an excellent choice of space food? Well, there are no nominations and whole and sole winner of the title is 'Spirulina'!
Thrombocytopenia in Children
When it comes to building immunity in our body against a plethora of diseases and infections, childhood is assumed to be the best time. And while this period could be paramount, yet it is also the most crucial
Chikvnil Helps In Severe Joint Pains Associated With Chikungunya?
Although signs and symptoms of the ailment of Chikungunya, which is one of the dreadful diseases caused by infected mosquito bite, are quite persistent and prominent in nature, Chikungunya arthritis
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