Cedarwood Oil (Devdaru tail) - Wonderful Wound Healer & Skincare Support


Loaded with immense healing and wellness properties, the Cedarwood oil or Devdaru tail, is one of the most beneficial essential oils found in nature. Also known as cedar oil, Ayurveda as well as various other traditional means of medication have long been recommending the use of this essential oil for various therapeutic reasons and also for health purposes.


How does it work as a wound healer?

Primarily because of its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and immunity enhancing properties, this oil provides relief from cuts, wounds, scrapes and burns. The cedarwood oil is best used in a diluted form, by adding a few drops to regular coconut oil. Gently rub this simple, DIY salve on the affected skin on a regular basis till the effect seems to surface. There are no side effects associated with this oil so far, and it works for all skin types, especially the skin that is on the oilier side. It tends to directly target the bacteria that might otherwise remain trapped in the affected skin, thus aiding a quick healing. Furthermore, by working as a strong disinfectant, this rub-on mixture significantly reduces the chances of infection and inflammation. For minor wounds, this salve therefore serves as an ideal provision. This oil also goes a long way in preventing our WBCs from malfunctioning, and gives the immune system a genuine boost.


More benefits

Interestingly, the benefits of cedar oil are not limited to therapeutic ones only. The topical application of this particular essential oil is known to deliver a whole host of skin fortifying benefits. No wonder why the beauty and cosmetic industry is increasingly making use of this oil. You can have a look at some of the prominent skincare products available in the market, and would quite likely to find cedar oil as one of the key ingredients. We can also use it directly by adding a few drops to our favourite skin lotion / moisturizer at home. Before we do that, let’s understand what makes this oil so readily beneficial for the skin:

  • The cedar wood oil prevents the blockage of pores on our skin, thus allowing it to breathe and exfoliate.
  • It gives us a clear, healthy skin by reducing acne, thus brightening the skin from deep within.
  • When used on regular basis as a part of skin care regimen, the oil has the ability to reduce the appearance of skin pores, which is often the case with oily skin.
  • Those with an excessively oily skin can add a few drops of this essential oil to tea tree, sandalwood or jojoba oil, and apply it on their skin. This goes a long way in unclogging the pores.
  • This oil also protects our skin from the adverse effects of dust, bacteria and toxic particles, thus preventing any skin damage.
  • It works as an excellent source of moisturizing the skin and keeps our skin super smooth for longer intervals.
  • Its strong astringent properties allow it to tighten our muscles and skin, thus preventing premature sagging of our skin.

Other remarkable assistances

This extract obtained from a variety of conifers also gives out a warm, outdoor scent of its own, which immediately manages to soothe our senses and calms down after a long tiring day. People around the world, therefore, use it for various aromatic applications, such as by adding it to a diffuser or even by getting a body massage done using this oil. In fact, this oil is especially effective for those suffering from problems such as stress, anxiety and even insomnia, as its sheer fragrance has the ability to provide instant relief. All the more, the use of cedarwood oil also helps in providing relief from various health issues, ranging from usual cold and cough to those as severe as cancer. It also aids the process of digestion, prevents and cures urinary tract infections, strengthens the heart muscles and improves the circulation of blood in our body. Cedarwood extract also works great as a natural deodorizer, and we can apply it simply by adding few drops of it to any choice deodorant. This essential oil tends to blend well with other oils, and, depending upon the purpose, different carrier oils can be used in order to make the perfect blend. Absolutely safe for all skin types, this oil is most definitely making news as one of the most promising natural hacks in the area of beauty and skincare!


Heal Plus

Heal Plus ointment which is an antiseptic gel cum wound healer from the house of Sanat Products ltd, apparently heals the wounds naturally. Owing to the presence of Devadaru tail (Cedar wood oil) along with some other essential ingredients, it is believed to provide magnificent anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial as well as anti-oxidant benefits.

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