When Enlarged Prostate Becomes a Health Issue in Ageing Men, Natural Herbs and Healthcare Tips Can Help!


The prostate has an important role to play in the human biological system. Without the prostate, the urine would leak out of the bladder, in turn, leading to urinary inconsistency issues in men.


What is enlarged prostate or Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) occurs mostly in men around the age of 50 years and above. Even though it is benign, it is not cancerous. However, there is still a medical condition known as an enlarged prostate. Although its exact cause has not been identified so far, the medical experts say that since it occurs mostly in older men, it has something to do with hormonal changes. Generally as men age, they are likely to produce less testosterone, leading to an increase in estrogen levels in the body. This could be the primary trigger for prostate growth.


Is there a solution?

Well, certain preventive steps including natural diet and lifestyle changes can help you deal with the looming problem of an enlarged prostate. Let us discuss some of them.


Diet Recommendations

  • Tomato - it helps maintain good prostate health because of a plant substance called lycopene present in it. It is a powerful antioxidant with a potential to decrease prostate enlargement and the problem of excess urination.
  • Green Tea - it is an antioxidant powerhouse too which can reduce prostatitis and also help control the problem of excess urination.
  • Basil - this medicinal herb treats the problem of enlarged prostate. It reduces the problem of prostate inflammation owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Water-melon seeds - these contain antioxidants which are effective in flushing out toxins from your body, your urinary tract and bladder, thus helpful in treating prostatitis.
  • Soy - it contains a naturally occurring substance called isoflavones which is a vital component in the prostate fluids. Thus, important for prostate health. It also contains genistein which prevents prostate enlargement.
  • Cranberry juice - it helps in reducing prostate inflammation as it calms it down by killing the prostate bacteria.
  • Pomegranate - it has a powerful antioxidant called ellagitannins and also has isoflavones in abundance too.
  • Water - drinking lots of water will increase the flow of urine and result in flushing out toxins and bacteria which cause prostatitis. Your urine removal output may be affected due to enlargement of the prostate; therefore, it is important to empty the bladder by drinking optimum amount of water every day.
  • Berries - strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries contain a high ratio of Vitamin C and some antioxidants. This, in turn, increases the frequency of urination and also helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Pumpkin seeds- it contains phytosterols and other compounds which shrink the prostate size. It also increases the frequency of urination by reducing pressure on the prostate gland.

Lifestyle modifications

We suggest you some simple steps to relieve some of the symptoms of enlarged prostate.

  • Work on to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, a must for good prostate health. It eases urination problems caused by prostate enlargement. Empty your bladder and then lie down to tighten your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Nervousness and tension in individuals suffering from BPH can lead to increase in urination frequency. It is important for them to exercise regularly, encapsulating stress-reducing techniques like meditation and yoga, for example.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, about 2 litres every day.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Avoid drinking too much in one go.
  • Work on your urge to urinate more frequently. When you go to the bathroom, make sure you empty your bladder completely. It will reduce the need to go to the bathroom more frequently.
  • Before leaving your home, make sure to urinate once so as to empty your bladder.
  • Use urinary pads or napkins against the risk or discomfort of involuntary urinary leakage.
  • Make sure to include all the natural foods as a part of your diet. This may help you deal slowly and effectively with the problem of enlarged prostate, subsequently providing with lesser urinary problems and saving you from the associated risks like prostate cancer.
  • Drink fewer fluids in the evening, better still, avoid them if possible. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol, in particular, effect the muscle tone of the bladder, which in turn leads to kidney producing more urine output. Therefore, it is best to avoid too many fluids towards the evening and also evade night-time urination.

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