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Healthcare Solutions For Relieving Joint Pains As The Cool Season Is Approaching
The dry and chilly weather is approaching and this cold weather actually tends to render our joints rather diminished or even devoid of lubricating fluids. Resultantly, there is pain, stiffness and sometimes even
Advantages of Herbal mouthwashes for Oral Healthcare
It is absolutely important and rather necessary to make sure that we maintain oral health and hygiene every single day. And mouthwashes come handy for the same (along with dental cleaning of course).
Carica papaya Leaf Extract Helps in Management of Thrombocytopenia Induced by Chemotherapy
The term thrombocytopenia has a Greek origin, which is basically a mix of three different words: 'thrombo', which means blood clotting, 'cyto' stands for cells, and 'penia' is a word which translates to a deficiency
Effectiveness of Gandhpura Oil in Joint Pains
It has been observed that the problem of chronic joint pains is becoming more and more common among people all over the world, especially with advancing age. Like so many other things, our joints too begin
Herbal Support For Low Platelet Count & Enhancing Immunity
During monsoons ailments like dengue, chikungunya and malaria are definitely the mosquito borne diseases which are highly prevalent and alarming wherein the platelet count is drastically affected.
Capsicum (Capsaicin) Benefits in Joint Pains!
Basically a herbal plant, we know Capsicum by various other names, as the red pepper, chilli pepper, hot pepper, cayenne, sweeter varieties of paprika, etc. Its botanical name, however, is Capsicum annum.
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