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How Natural Curcumin Is Better Choice Than Chemical-Based Counterparts?
It is truly said that a poor oral health can lead to a poor overall health. And if that does not stress enough on the importance of having healthy teeth and gums, a study indicates that more than 3/4th of
How Folic Acid Benefits As Nerve Tonic for Muscles
An important member of the vitamin B family, folic acid is essential for the production of RBCs in our blood. In fact, folic acid, together with vitamin B-12, allows a healthy production, functioning and growth of RBCs.
Sonth Tail Helps In Relieving Joint Pains
Zingiber officinales is essentially a culinary herb which also happens to be a staple condiment in many households the world over. This is mainly because it renders the dish a unique taste, flavour as well as
Stevia Leaf Extract Does Not Affect Blood Sugar Levels
Stevia is a smart choice that is fast replacing the processed sugar and the artificial sugars. No wonder why this leaf is increasingly being used on the commercial front as well in a variety of food products as a
How Vitamin D Improves Glucose Tolerance in Diabetes
Our body is naturally equipped to produce some vitamin D on its own. Besides, apart from exposing ourselves to mild sunshine for a few minutes every day, we can also obtain it from dietary sources, such
Know How Ginger Helps in Chikungunya Virus Infection
Chikungunya is not just another viral illness caused by an infected mosquito's bite, but the infection is something more solemn and debilitating, although rarely life threatening. Over the past few years, it has
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