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Know How The Rejuvenating Properties of Shilajit Increases Strength & Stamina Manifold!
A wonder herb offering a whole host of health benefits, Shilajit usually grows in the mountainous regions across the continent of Asia, as well as other parts of the world. It takes hundreds of years
EPD/Prescription Drugs - Significance In Health Industry!
We have often heard the term over the counter (OTC), which is basically obtaining our choice of medicine directly from the pharmacist, without producing a prescription slip. Although these over
Natural Antioxidants for Skin Care!
Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds that fight the free radicals in our body and neutralise the damage done by them. And they are no doubt a boon for the health of our skin.
When Thrombocytopenia Emerges Due To Chemotherapy
Thrombocytopenia could lead to an increased risk of bleeding owing to absence of sufficient clotting agents. This could even lead to brain haemorrhage, which could turn serious and even fatal, in some cases.
Turmeric Offers Great Support In Wound Healing
Turmeric is an all-natural, tried and time-tested topical medication which our veterans in healthcare by natural means would swear by. Although, this wonder of an herb which has remained a favourite among
Nutraceutical Products Are In! Do You Know Why?
Nature alone bestows us with an incredibly large number of nutraceutical products. Besides, the presence of fortified varieties only makes us selective for choice, as far as these health-enriched foods are concerned.
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