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Stevia Leaf Extract Does Not Affect Blood Sugar Levels
Stevia is a smart choice that is fast replacing the processed sugar and the artificial sugars. No wonder why this leaf is increasingly being used on the commercial front as well in a variety of food products as a
How Vitamin D Improves Glucose Tolerance in Diabetes
Our body is naturally equipped to produce some vitamin D on its own. Besides, apart from exposing ourselves to mild sunshine for a few minutes every day, we can also obtain it from dietary sources, such
Know How Ginger Helps in Chikungunya Virus Infection
Chikungunya is not just another viral illness caused by an infected mosquito's bite, but the infection is something more solemn and debilitating, although rarely life threatening. Over the past few years, it has
Cedar Wood Oil and Other Natural Remedies for Oral Lesions
Devadaru tail or the Cedar wood oil is believed to display rapid anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and demonstrates particular fungi-toxic actions. Having been used and vouched by various traditional
Does Berberine help in the medical condition of CVD and Dyslipidemia?
Berberine is a plant derived alkaloid which is thoroughly loaded with some incredible therapeutic properties. This compound can be found in various plants such as goldenseal, goldthread, tree
Healthcare Solutions For Relieving Joint Pains As The Cool Season Is Approaching
The dry and chilly weather is approaching and this cold weather actually tends to render our joints rather diminished or even devoid of lubricating fluids. Resultantly, there is pain, stiffness and sometimes even
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