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Obesity among Children - A Big Fat Health Disorder
A person is believed to be obese when his or her body mass index, a measure that combines their height with their weight as well as their age, lies anywhere above 30. While the literal definition of
Til Tail Is Often Used As Base Oil In Joint Pain Relieving Oils. Know Why?
Also known as Gingelly oil or more commonly as til tail, sesame oil is extracted from the tiny little sesame seeds. In various households, especially in Asian houses, it is also used as a vegetable oil
Why USFDA has approved Spirulina and put in the category of GRAS?
Aptly known as superfood of sorts, spirulina is this blue-green micro-algae which happens to be one of the oldest life forms on planet earth. This microscopic, spiral-shaped substance grows in
Why Nutraceuticals Are Becoming Part Of Daily Diet?
A nutraceutical, like the name suggests, is a healthcare product which lies somewhere in between a nutritional food product and a pharmaceutical one. Having been coined way back in 1989, the
Benefits of Sesame for Massage in Joint Pains
Our joints primarily connect our bones and facilitate movement. A healthy joint function, therefore, is important to carry out various everyday activities, in the absence of which, it becomes rather
How to Identify Authentic Product in Healthcare Industry?
Healthcare is an evergreen industry, and owing to the rapid advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, increasing health standards and a rising awareness among health
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