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Tinospora cordifolia helps in Alcoholism
Alcohol consumption is alleged to be something that is relatively harmless and rather relieving, but this is when the drink is only taken once in a while, and in a controlled amount. Anything beyond, and the damaging effects of alcohol
Stevia as Sweetener for Healthful Meal Plans
The stevia extract has of late gained huge popularity among the strata of health conscious people and therefore, those individuals serving this category, in order to make the foods and beverages taste...
Supremacy of Spirulina for Sports
Loaded with some of the most powerful nutrients and endurance promoting properties, spirulina has emerged to be an incredible superfood, so much so that it now happens to be one of the most revered secrets
Effectiveness of Guduchi / Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) Extracts in Chikungunya fever
Better known as an excellent immunity booster, Giloy is one herb that has long been touted, especially by the ancient healthcare wisdom of Ayurveda, to contain a variety of health benefits. Locally famous by the name of Guduchi.
How Turmeric Helps in Relieving the Seasonal Maladies of Cough, Cold & Bronchitis
Cough and cold are known to be rather common, frequent maladies and tend to come and go on their own. People may suffer from either or both of these respiratory issues due to various reasons such as allergic
Shallaki & Haridra - Herbs With Natural Support
When it comes to joint pains, even the most potent of pain killers sometimes fail to provide the kind of relief that we are looking for. Besides, most of them come loaded with chemicals that involve various side effects of
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