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Herbal Support For Low Platelet Count & Enhancing Immunity
During monsoons ailments like dengue, chikungunya and malaria are definitely the mosquito borne diseases which are highly prevalent and alarming wherein the platelet count is drastically affected.
Capsicum (Capsaicin) Benefits in Joint Pains!
Basically a herbal plant, we know Capsicum by various other names, as the red pepper, chilli pepper, hot pepper, cayenne, sweeter varieties of paprika, etc. Its botanical name, however, is Capsicum annum.
Spirulina helps obtain Vitamin B12 for enhancing Energy Levels
Also known as Cobalamin and more commonly as the energy vitamin, vitamin B 12 is definitely an important nutrient for our overall growth and well - being. Our body needs an optimum amount of this
Effective Natural Remedies to Combat Inflammation
Inflammation is mainly a physical condition which is often accompanied by swelling, reddening, warmth and sometimes, even pain in and around some part of the body. Severe inflammation can also reach to...
Benefits of Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) & Haridra (Curcuma longa) in Chikungunya and Zika infection
Spread of mosquito borne diseases is not limited to the season of monsoons anymore. We need to remain careful all through the year, and observe caution both indoors as well outdoors in order to prevent
Why Chronic Halitosis Is Serious Oral Disease?
Also known as the problem of bad breath, halitosis is becoming both common as well as chronic, positioning itself as the third most prevalent dental problems, after toothache and gum diseases.
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