Berberine aids in relieving Cardio Vascular Disease


Being a powerful supplement packed with a variety of health benefits, Berberine is basically a natural alkaloid found in traditional herbs. It is also derived as an extract from the roots and stem barks of various plants, such as Goldenseal, Chinese Golden thread, European barberry, tree turmeric and Oregon grape, etc. Owing to its use in Chinese system of medication which dates centuries back, this bioactive compound is increasingly being used for the healthcare benefits it offers, all around the world.


Merits of Berberine

Berberine is primarily known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-diabetic profile. Apart from a various other benefits, this particular supplement is especially recommended for maintaining the healthy functioning of our heart, and preventing various cardiovascular diseases from surfacing in the first place.


For the heart

There is little denying the fact that heart diseases happen to be among the leading causes of premature death, affecting people across different age groups, all over the world. Someone who even closely encounters the ‘apparently irreversible’ symptoms of a cardiovascular disease is recommended a whole slew of medications, which are often so strong that they expose us to side effects of their own. That is quite where the role of berberine comes in.


Cardiovascular protector

It is an excellent and effective, all-natural supplement which has this ability to protect us against a host of cardiovascular issues. Owing to its bioavailability, its oral consumption allows it to get easily absorbed into our bloodstream and really affect our body all the way down at the molecular level. Berberine works by binding with various molecular targets, aptly imitating the role of a typical pharmaceutical drug. The main role of berberine in our body is to activate a cellular enzyme known as AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), also known as the ‘metabolic master switch’. Found in various organs of our body, this enzyme is primarily responsible for the regulating the process of metabolism in our body. Please note that ‘metabolic syndrome’ involves certain abnormalities associated with cholesterol, and has the potential to lead to some chronic cardiovascular diseases if ignored for long. Therefore, those suffering from this particular problem can avail some really good benefits by taking to berberine. There are other reasons how berberine really aids in relieving cardiovascular diseases.


Why Berberine indeed aids in relieving heart disease?

  • By working to reduce the unhealthy (bad) cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels in our body, berberine goes a long way in preventing our heart from becoming prone to chronic, long-term problems.
  • It also improves the HDL function and raises the good cholesterol levels in our body.
  • It reduces the levels of Apolipoprotein B (Apo B), a serious risk factor to our heart, by a generous 15 percent.
  • It prevents the insufficient pumping of blood to the cells of our heart, owing to free radicals and lipid peroxidation. This, in turn, prevents arrhythmias, a medical term for irregular heartbeats – one of the leading causes behind majority of heart attacks.
  • Berberine can also bring down the gushing levels of sympathetic neurotransmitters in our blood as well as heart tissues, something which also raises the possibility of suffering from arrhythmia.
  • Not only this, its monumental role in maintaining our blood sugar levels and keeping obesity in check are other factors which make it all the more friendly to the overall health of the heart.

Many health benefits

Besides being a universal saviour of heart, Berberine also promises a variety of other health benefits. It controls the glucose production in our body, promotes the process of fat burning in the mitochondria, fights various infections, reduces the growth and spread of various types of cancer, protects us from fatty liver disease by preventing the build-up of fat in and around the liver, lowers the side effects arising from inflammation and oxidative stress, helps bring down our depression levels and treats a variety of gastro-intestinal issues. Another interesting benefit is that it also works as an anti-aging supplement, and exhibits some incredible immune-enhancing properties.


Stand-alone natural supplement

Thanks to these distinct properties, Berberine is in fact, being touted to be one of the few natural supplements which are just as good as a standalone pharmaceutical drug in the health sector. Yet you must also consider that although, the consumption of Berberine is by and large safe, any excessive dosage may lead to certain side effects. So take it in the recommended amount, and experience the sheer range of health benefits that Berberine has to offer.


Sanat Dianova

Cap. Dianova from the house of Sanat products ltd contains Berberine 500 mg and while the product is recommended greatly for the ailment of diabetes mellitus due to increasing the glucose uptake inside the cells and insulin sensitizing effect; Dianova is regarded effective in the cardio-vascular diseases.

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