Quick Facts on Arthritis & What makes Orthopaedic Oil Effective


What happens in arthritis?

Arthritis refers to a joint disorder which primarily involves inflammation of one or more joints in your body, something which may restrict your ability to move about as comfortably as before. Arthritis, in fact, is not a single disease, but an umbrella term used for several joint-associated conditions put together.


Symptoms of joint pains

These could include pain, swelling, soreness, stiffness, redness, warmth, locking of the joint, tenderness, etc. Arthritis often reduces the joint's range of motion, limiting joint functioning and in worst cases, significantly impairing your ability to perform some of the most common, everyday tasks.


Factors that might lead to disease of arthritis

Although, there are several different types of arthritis, in terms of how it happens, what part it affects, the symptoms, etc. For example, while for someone it may surface due to an injury (past or recent), others may experience the symptoms owing to a nutritional deficiency in their body, an abnormal metabolism, certain infection, hereditary factors, or even an underlying disease, such as an auto immune disorder, in some cases. Some of the common types of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, psoriatic, etc.


The treatment options

Nothing, however, happens overnight and the symptoms only being to grow and surface over a period of time. Men and women from all age groups are prone to suffering one or the other type of arthritis. The pain and discomfort associated with the condition often tends to get worse as we age, as no sure shot treatment has so far been discovered that can cure this condition.

Arthritis is often chronic in nature, and lasts a lifetime. There are, however, several medications (topical as well as oral), in some cases, which might provide some temporary relief from the discomfort. A course of physical or occupational sessions might also help minimise the pain and improve joint function. In some cases, however, a joint replacement surgery may also be required.


Orthopaedic oil for arthritis

One of the most promising and safe treatments recommended for arthritis is a gentle massage using orthopaedic oil. Just as the name suggests, orthopaedic oil is a special herb-based oil composition meant especially for providing relief from a variety of orthopaedic problems, especially the likes of arthritis.


Herbs that could help

Mother Nature has bestowed mankind with a wide variety of plants and herbs possessing incredible therapeutic properties. You would be surprised to know that you often use some of these around in your house. Nonetheless, the essential oils extracted from some of these not only provide deep relief when used for massage, but also leave behind an intense, soothing fragrance. The preparation of orthopaedic oil makes use of a selection of these very herbs, such as lavender, basil, Sesamum, eucalyptus, olive, jojoba, ginger, frankincense, coconut, turmeric, etc.


The effectiveness of orthopaedic oil

Please note that many a times the problem of arthritis arises deep down your joints, to the tissue level. In fact, it is not only the tissues surrounding your joints that experience the brunt, but also the various connective tissues. Hence, the need for something that reaches deep down and provides relief from the root. That is precisely where orthopaedic oil comes to the rescue. Regular massage using the orthopaedic oil is extremely beneficial for the joints and their long term health, with sufficient scientific evidence that backs its effectiveness. It provides a prolonged and reasonable amount of relief from chronic and painful joint conditions. However, you might have to wait to be able to experience the benefits, and be very regular with the application.


Safety concerns with orthopaedic oil

Being an Ayurvedic preparation which makes use of only the finest and all natural ingredients, it is absolutely safe for use and far from any side effects. The oil also has a much longer shelf life since it is recommended for long term use, and its effectiveness is not affected with time.


And lastly

Orthopaedic oil is not a complete cure for arthritis, but it can sure take your mind off it by subsiding and relieving the chronic and unbearable pain associated with it, and makes you feel much better at the end of the day!


Sanat Jointil Oil

Jointil orthopaedic oil is a natural option for getting relief from joint pains and is an extremely effective blend of purified essential oils of natural herbs. Alleged to be highly effective in a number of joint pains, you could easily use the same in case of knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain & arthritic pain etc. As per Sanat, the purified essential oils in Jointil provide therapeutic response in just ten to fifteen drops, whereas herbal extracts are required in ml for such response. This means that no massage is required and yet there is very active skin penetration of this orthopaedic oil.

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