Know What Makes Curcumin Better and Safe than Chlorhexidine Based Mouthwash!


Curcumin is similar to chlorhexidine in efficacy parameters to be used in a Mouthwash, but let us understand how it has enhanced safety profile.


About Chlorhexidine

An effective oral solution, Chlorhexidine has been one of the most recommended mouthwashes by dentists the world over for treating conditions associated with oral health. This prescription germicidal mouth rinse is best used if you happen to be suffering from gingivitis, a gum disease which not only weakens your gums but also causes redness, swelling and even bleeding. Not only that, this solution is also effective after you have had a tooth procedure, such as scaling or a root canal, a time when your mouth needs an especially extra care.


How It Does What It Does

It contains some potent anti-bacterial and biocidal properties which help keep oral bacteria at bay by killing the existing ones and preventing the growth of newer ones. Also, it helps prevent plaque build-up, due to which a patient experiencing oral issues such as gingivitis would not have to brush extra hard.


A Word of Caution

However, as effective as it might be, chlorhexidine is not advisable to be used too frequently or for a longer period of time. It belongs to a class of drugs called anti-microbial which are especially strong at what they do. This mouthwash, therefore, is best to be used as a temporary means of rinsing your mouth, while you recover from an existing oral condition. Why?


Side Effects associated with this Effective Mouthwash

  • It has a tendency to discolour your teeth and leave behind these stains on your teeth and tongue, which are rather difficult to get rid of. In fact, it often requires professional cleaning for the stains to get removed.
  • Besides, the chlorhexidine solution has a property of binding and sticking equally well to the soft as well as hard tissues in your mouth. This could lead to tartar formation or build-up of chalky deposits on your teeth.
  • Another side effect to a prolonged use of chlorhexidine is that it can cause you to experience taste alteration, or a decreased taste sensation temporarily or in rare cases, even permanent.
  • Dry mouth and an irritation in mouth/throat is another side effect associated with using this solution way too frequently.

Owing to all these issues, the Chlorhexidine solution should only be used for a rather short period of time, and definitely not more than four weeks in a row.


In Comes Curcumin

Apart from being prominent in kitchens for its culinary properties, turmeric (curcuma longa) also happens to be known as the ultimate healing herb, especially in Ayurveda. It is known to offer benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-microbial and anti-plaque. However, not many of us are aware of the fact that it is the presence of curcumin that lends this golden spice most of those properties, thus making it feature in a variety of medicines, creams ointments and several oral health care solutions.


The Curative Action of Curcumin

Curcumin, an active bio-ingredient found in turmeric, is something similar in action when compared to chlorhexidine. However, here lies a major twist. Unlike chlorhexidine, curcumin comes with almost zero side effects, and a whole host of benefits for patients suffering from some chronic oral issues, including gingivitis. In fact, in case of this particular gum disease, patients who used a curcumin-based mouthwash on regular basis experienced a much faster reduction in swelling and redness of gums, compared to those who used a chlorhexidine-based solution.  This could be attributed to the incredible anti-inflammatory natural agents present in curcumin. 

Not only gingivitis, curcumin also has the potential to provide relief from a whole host of other oral issues, such as bad breath (Halitosis), oral mucositis, Periodontitis, pre-cancerous lesions, etc. 


The Safety Profile of Curcumin

As far as our oral hygiene is concerned, this traditional mouthwash scores another point here and goes the extra mile in keeping germs and bacteria away. A curcumin based mouthwash is not only 100% natural and free from any harmful or excessively strong chemicals, but it gives long lasting freshness and results that last long.  Also, unlike others, a curcumin based mouthwash contains almost no sugar or flavour additives, which can lead to problems of their own such as cavities and tooth decay. Instead, it is normally fortified with a variety of other healing herbs which add a dash of their own unique fragrance to the solution.


Sanat Turmix Mouthwash

Turmix mouthwash from the house of Sanat Products ltd offers natural protection against germs & plaque. This particular mouthwash is alleged to be comparable to chlorhexidine in efficacy parameters, and yet is better in safety profile and offers and holds better safety profile along with definite anti-microbial properties. There is statistically significant reduction of gingival inflammation which was observed in subjects using Curcumin mouthwash and it also inhibits growth of C.gingivalis and P. melaninogenica. Besides, studies have proved that Curcumin mouthwash is free of side effects of bitter taste and staining which occur with the chlorhexidine group.

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