Carica papaya and Giloy for Immuno Modulatory Effect


Carica papaya and Giloy for Immuno Modulatory Effect

Goodness of Carica papaya

Belonging to the Caricaceae family, Carica papaya is a tropical, fruit bearing succulent plant that holds a lot of therapeutic importance, especially in the traditional healthcare segment. We are not just talking about the fruit as such, but also the Papaya seeds and leaves which have become quite sought after owing to the incredible healing potential that they possess. An abundant presence of phytonutrients such as papain, flavonoids, and vitamin E makes it all the more beneficial. Papain happens to be one of the most active compounds found in Papaya.

Health Benefits of Papaya

For example, the papaya leaf extract is quite useful to the patients suffering from thrombocytopenia, a condition wherein a person loses too many platelets in his/her blood. Severe thrombocytopenia, something that is often experienced by dengue patients, can be life threatening. Regular consumption of papaya leaf extract, on the other hand, significantly helps in bringing the platelet count up. Even the modern science supports the effect of this alternative medication.

-Papaya leaf helps in lowering and regulating blood glucose levels

-The papaya fruit, on the other hand, is quite effecting in treating various gastro intestinal issues

-It is also useful in treating parasite infections, owing much to the presence of Carpaine, a chemical with some incredible parasite killing capabilities.

Papaya for its Immuno Modulatory Effect

Papaya exhibits some incredible anti inflammatory and immuno modulatory properties. An immunomodulator is a medication that is used to regularize our body’s immune system. Owing to a lot of research in this area, it has been found that Carica papaya contains some potent phytochemicals, whose immuno modulatory activity is quite strong. That is one reason why Carica papaya extract, especially the pulp as well as its seeds, is being given the nod to use in preparation of various modern medications.

About Giloy

Giloy is a popular, plant based herb that is known for its nutrition value, healing potential and its incredible immunity boosting capabilities. This herb is also called by the names Tinospora Cordifolia, Guduchi, Rasayani or Amrita. Ayurveda, the age old science of alternative healthcare, touts Giloy as one of the most effective healing herbs found in nature. In fact, it appears as one of the three Amrit plants found in Ayurveda.

Benefits of Giloy

Giloy contains a variety of natural compounds such as alkaloids, glycosides, steroids. These compounds together make Giloy an excellent healing herb, which is especially effective in case of diabetes, chronic fever, neurological issues, urinary tracts infections, liver diseases, heart issues, etc. Thanks to the presence of abundant antioxidants, this herb goes a long way in preventing and reversing the damage caused by oxidative stress to our skin and body. It keeps our skin looking young and healthy, and works as a natural detoxifier. Its anti inflammatory properties help in offering relief in case of arthritis and other joint issues. Being bitter in taste, it is reasonably effective for patients with high glucose levels. Moreover, its topical application helps improve eyesight, whereas oral consumption of Giloy juice not only uplifts our mood and reduces stress, but also improves our cognitive function.

Giloy’s Immunomodulatory Action

Regular consumption of Giloy helps activate our immune system and imparts energy of sorts. This way, it may not necessarily be effective in treating a condition, but it does equip our body to face and fight various infections and illnesses. It supports the activity of macrophages, thus fighting foreign bodies in our body and promoting an early recovery and thus helps in early recovery. It is also anti pyretic in nature, which makes it effective in case of chronic, recurrent fever. In fact, combination of Giloy with ashwagandha is an excellent remedy to give our immunity a strong boost, and keep infections away. No wonder why Giloy is being used as an important ingredient in preparing various immune-modulatory medications.

Besides, it is loaded with antioxidants. It also helps if you wish to reap the real benefits of this wonder of an herb and for this make sure to include Giloy in your daily diet. You can either have Giloy juice by diluting it with some water, or prepare a nice, warm kadha for immediate consumption.

However, while Giloy can be significantly effective in boosting our immunity, make sure to consult your doctor before consuming this herb. Especially if you are suffering from auto immune diseases, as its immunomodulatory effect may make the condition worse.

UPLAT - A Natural Platelet Booster

Uplat is recommended for management of Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelet Count) due to Dengue, Malaria, Viral, Chemotherapy, Liver Cirrhosis, ITP etc. The pharmacological classification of this Dietary Supplement has been specified as having composition of Carica papaya extract 350mg and Tinospora cordifolia extract 150mg.


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