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Research And Development


 The key for our organization would be Trust the
Research teams to deliver impactful products, and empower them to do so. 

The Research & Development wing of Sanat Products is duly recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Under the aegis of ISO 9001, its development activities are governed by the design clause of the Total Quality System. Sanat Products being a technology driven company, R & D plays a vital role not only in upholding the stringent quality requirements but also contributes to the development of new products and state-of-the-art technology.

requirements but also contributes to the development of new products and state-of-the-art technology.

At Sanat, we believe that an in-depth knowledge of active ingredients derived from medicinal plants and the search for excellence at all times are crucial for serving our customers in pharmaceuticals, health foods and personal care ingredients.

Sanat has its ambitious agenda of sharpening its competitive edge in an enormously challenging marketplace and demand for better products that can positively impact consumer's need from time to time in world class standard. Our excellence in research and technology would enhance not just product quality but overall quality of life.

The two main stream of activity of our R & D -

activity of our R & D 
To develop process for the manufacture of phytochemicals, nutraceuticals, food products, supplements, cosmaceuticals and herbal extracts with a novel approach to address a high standard of quality and competitiveness to meet our customers' requirements.
quality and competitiveness to meet 
To develop healthcare products in nutraceutical/supplement range of proprietary formulations to improve the health of consumers positively with a modern scientific and systematic approach.
Our research team is a professionally managed group of several doctorates in various disciplines and masters in Pharmacy & Science streams. They explore new processes, technology, innovative products, mechanisms, and indications for the real medical needs with a concept, program and development of suitable formulations in a credible group that wants impactful medicine.
Intellectual Property
Sanat is focused on developing cutting edge intellectual property as a core value differentiator. Adequate protection of the intellectual output generated by our R&D entails strategic decisions on filing patents at appropriate time. The commercial potential of this intangible asset is harnessed by the licensing opportunities at its exclusive use.

Sanat is focused on developing cutting edge intellectual property 
Indian patent applied for the novel process on purification of Residual free (<50ppm) curcumas 95%.
Indian patent applied for the novel process on purification 
Indian patent applied for its unique nutraceutical formulation UPLAT for use in thrombocytopenia and dengue for increase in platelet count.
Indian patent applied for its unique nutraceutical
Sanat follows good manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that ensure high level of consistency in quality results. Our state-of-the-art analytical facilities monitor and maintain strict quality control of our products and processes at every stage to meet Pharmacopoeia / national / international quality standards.
Quality Control

analyses undertaken at Sanat Products  is responsible for all analyses undertaken at Sanat Products Limited.
responsible for periodical validation  is also responsible for periodical validation, standardization, implementation of quality
   system in place
supported by a highly qualified team  is supported by a highly qualified team of professionals.

Quality Assurance

responsible for implementation of quality  is responsible for implementation of quality systems and release of all manufactured
develops and ensures harmonisation  develops and ensures harmonisation of all systems throughout the organization.
responsible for all audits  It is also responsible for all audits including regulatory (national and international),
   customer, GMP, GLP, ISO and HACCP.

Regulatory Affairs

nsures compliance with national  ensures compliance with national and international regulatory requirements.


Driven by a team of devoted and well-trained scientists, R & D leads the way for Sanat Products Limited in its relentless march towards progress in the new millennium.
Our Formulation Development facility is well-equipped for development of various solid dosage forms along with capabilities to handle semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. We have a specialized team which spearheads our research for the development of market-specific products.

At Sanat, our team of formulation experts boasts experience in wide range of routes of administration:

Solid dosage formulations  Solid dosage formulations (capsules, tablets for immediate release or extended release)

Semi-solid formulations for oral  Semi-solid formulations for oral administration (syrups, suspensions)

Topical formulations  Topical formulations (creams, gels and Ointments)

Our development scientists possess substantial experience and expertise in the area of formulation development and transfer of technology of developed products.

Our key focus areas are natural ingredient based formulation (UPLAT) as well as immediate release formulations of otherwise poorly bio-available products (TURMIX). Our formulation development team undertakes work on new active substances, generics and reformulation of existing products. Our facility works in following areas; pre-formulation, formulation of wide variety of dosage forms, and technology transfer of developed products.

To ensure that all our products meet required standards, we attach high priority to maintain stringent quality control processes at the manufacturing facility. These checks are positioned at different stages of the manufacturing cycle. Our Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) teams are armed with powers to keep a strict watch on the products and processes and ensure strict regulatory compliance at every stage.

To carry out all the necessary tests, our QC laboratory has been equipped with a number of sophisticated technologies - HPLC, GC with headspace, Dissolution Tester, FTIR and UV spectrophotometer.
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