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How are we Different?


Sanat Predicts is committed to providing

  • The highest quality standardized herbal extract products possible,
  • Consumer trust on decades old brand called Sunova
  • Building partners with us not just customers,
  • Ethical business practices,

Our own Spirulina farms

Once the herbs are procured, the process continues throughout a multitude of Good Manufacturing Practices and stringent quality assurance controls in our FDA-audited manufacturing facility. This careful attention to detail assures our customers the trust that each and every product is produced correctly, batch after batch, each and every time. giving our customers accurate and reliable information about our products through full disclosure of all ingredients and processes via our labels and promotional materials, and by educating our customers on the safe and effective use of our herbal products.

Our Own Ponds

Surrounded by the nature, we have our own Spirulina ponds at Sikandarabad & Dindigul (TN), which we affectionately call the "Spirulina Farm", inspires our love for plants and demonstrates our deep reverence for Nature. We also grow Organic Spirulina at our Dindigul plant. Seed to Shelf Quality Assurance "Having our own ponds assures consistency and quality from seed to shelf," states by our R&D head. "This includes procuring organic seed, planting and cultivating in appropriate soil conditions, harvesting at the optimal time of season and day, and then carefully drying and storing for future use, or direct delivery of the fresh herbs to our production facility for immediate extraction."

3 step Quality checks for any product:

All our products get check by our experienced quality assurance person. All the batches are checked consistently from the time when we buy raw material till we deliver finished product.
All quality check reports are always shared and seen by higher authorities keeping stringent norms on quality of the product.

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