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Uplat Syrup

Uplat Syrup

Powerful Platelet Booster For Delicate Ones

For management of Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelet Count)
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100ml syrup

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Disease Introduction: Thrombocytopenia

Thrombocytopenia is a lower than normal number of platelets (Low Platelet Count) in the blood. The number of platelets in the blood is referred to as the platelet count and is normally between 150,000 to 450,000 per micro liter (one millionth of a liter) of blood. Platelet counts less than 150,000 are termed thrombocytopenia.


Bleeding of the gums, nosebleeds, rash (red, pinprick-sized spots on the skin), skin discoloration such as bruising, severe or uncontrollable bleeding (severe symptom)


Dengue, Chemotherapy, Liver Cirrhosis / Dialysis, Hepatitis B, Alcoholism, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), Malaria / Viral



Pharmacological classification: Dietary Supplement

Composition: Each 5ml contains
Carica papaya extract 650mg
Tinospora cordifolia extract 50mg

Pharmacological Action

Platelet Booster

Carica papaya is a rich source of complex biochemical constituents including flavonoids, glycosides, alkaloids, glutathione & glucosinolates that helps boost the number of platelets by stimulating bone marrow. C. papaya increases megakaryocytic production, boost platelet count.


Carica papaya & Tinospora cordifolia extracts show immunomodulatory activity. Various studies have shown T. cordifolia exhibit increase in the WBC counts & bone marrow cells significantly indicating stimulatory effect on entire haemopoetic system.

Other Details


Thrombocytopenia due to Dengue, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis B, ITP, Chemotherapy, Malaria/Viral, & others.

 Dosage and directions for use

  • Above two year Old Child
  • 1 Teaspoonful (5ml) twice a day


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients


No drug interaction has been reported so far

 Adverse Reactions

No known side effects or adverse reactions have been reported


Store in a cool, dark & dry place keep out of reach of children.

Research Studies


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