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Guide to a Dialysis Patient's Diet


We are well aware how dialysis helps to remove the waste from the blood and purify it which unfortunately the kidneys of an individual fail to do sometimes. The inability of the kidneys to remove the waste from the body results in the accumulation of toxins which are indeed harmful for the body. Thus, it becomes all the more necessary to regulate the food that we consume and assimilate how it affects our mechanism. Some prominent points to focus on are as follows:
  • Take note of your potassium intake: - Yes, if you're a dialysis patient, it is most certain that you're doctor will reduce the amount of potassium and sodium that you consume in your diet. Foods that contain high levels of potassium are kiwi fruit, apricots, potatoes, peanuts, oranges etc.
  • Adequate proportion:- You should also consult your dietician for the amount of sodium your diet must contain each day. Being a dialysis patient, you'll be advised to refrain from high amount of phosphorus, sodium and protein in your diet. For this, it is recommended that you cook meals at home so that you can limit the amount of spices you add.
  • Make sure you drink enough fluids - Indeed, your doctor will decide the amount of fluid that your body can retain and the amount you shall intake but make sure you adhere by the recommendations. Grape juice, cranberry juice, coffee, water and apple juice are all good selections.
  • Eat necessary protein: - Foods like beef, egg, fish, meat and pork can help you meet your protein goals. Unsalted fish should be preferred and you may also have chicken and shrimp. For vegetarians, you shall concentrate on beans, soy products, dairy products etc.
  • Manage your platelet count : - Thrombocytopenia is a lower than normal number of platelets (Low Platelet Count) in the blood. One of its major causes is dialysis. Consumption of green leafy vegetables may also assist you for managing your platelet count but an effective way to increase platelets count in the blood has been designed by Sanat- 'The Uplat capsules'. It is known that papaya leaf extract is a natural remedy to increase your platelet count and this is what the Uplat capsules are made of. These have just the right amount of constituents with absolutely no side effects at all.
These five keys points are paramount for any patient's well being and will only take further care of your health.

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