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Consuming white sugar or sugar rich foods can cause or intensify a plethora of health problems, such as raising blood sugar levels and increasing obesity, besides interfering with insulin release. The most effective way of keeping blood sugar levels under control is to avoid processed sugars, while including a small amount of protein in every meal.
One of the major reasons that cause craving for sugar is imbalance in the body; but eating white sugar is not the answer! In fact it often adds to problem. On the other hand, natural sweeteners are a healthy substitute which not only reduce carbohydrate intake and lower calorie consumption, but also yield delicious results.
Honey is a healthy substitute for sugar, which also strengthens the heart, prevents cold, cough and fever and purifies blood. Being alkaline in nature, it does not produce acidity or gas. People with high BP problem should have honey as acetylcholine present in honey increases blood flow to the heart, thereby decreasing blood pressure. Honey easily dissolves in liquids so one can add it to their beverages instead of adding sugar and also sweeten desserts with it. However, it can sometimes elevate blood sugar levels, especially if consumed in high quantities. It can also stick to teeth and gums, thus, leading to erosion of teeth, deposition of tartar and tooth decay.
A better option is Dr. Shugar, a best sugar free natural sweetener filled with the goodness of stevia leaf, a useful herb. Unlike artificial sweetners which are laden with chemicals, Dr. Shugar is 100% natural. In fact it is also known to lower elevated blood pressure, work as a digestive aid, reduce acidity and prevent obesity. It has a low calorie count and is also known to guard against gum and tooth decay. Studies have proved that Dr. Shugar is the only sweetener that can be safely recommended for diabetics. Available as a powder, it can be easily added to food and beverages to sweeten them. Dr. Shugar keeps calories under check and blood sugar level under control, thus, helping you to lose weight without troublesome side effects.

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