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Gift your sister a box full of tricks for a happy life!

Gift your sister a box full of tricks for a happy life! I know how you start worrying about the present you want to give your sister on every Rakhi- has to be the best! At that moment, sites suddenly run out of fashion and obviously chocolates do not make up for the love she has always bestowed upon you. Have you thought of giving her a gift that stays with her for her entire life, with that beautiful smile on her face? This Rakhi add this 6-step-strategy to your gift box to make her happy in the real sense.

1.Give her your time
Nothing matters more to her than your attention. Sit beside her on a busy day, get two glasses of coffee and start a conversation. She will be more than delighted that her brother has carved out time for her from his busy schedule to ask her how she’s doing and what’s going on in her life. Not only will your little sister jump to this, but your elder darling will be the happiest to know that even when you grew up, you still care.

2.Give her a ‘happy weekend’ dose every week
These are two days in the week when you can take over the day and she can chill with you. For all the times she did your homework, made you food, handled your defeats and lifted you up, now it's your turn to reciprocate with unparalleled care and love towards her. Take her out for lunch dates or on a shopping spree, plan family outings or just something where the entire family can spend quality time together. It'll help her take a break from the hectic routine that she follows, and make her happy all the way.

3.Encourage her always
Support and encourage her in every good that she does, and help her achieve her dreams. She will be the happiest ever if her brother has her back and she knows he’ll go through all the hardships, with her, to help her shine. What could make her happier than achieving her goals and being successful? Nothing, folks! So embrace her ambitions like they are yours and nail them.

4.Make sure she’s taking care of herself
Clothes may wear out, and jewellery may run out of fashion, but a fit body and healthy diet would make her happy always. Pay attention if your sister is taking good care of what she eats and how she makes up for all the junk that goes in. Does she fret over wrinkles and aging, already? Is she even eating all that her body needs? Take it in your own hands, and pump it up with ‘Sunova Spirulina Life.’ It’s a unique formulation that is the best natural source of proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants & essential micronutrients- all in one. Give her a healthy life which will benefit her always.

5.Relive the childhood memories
Of course you can’t sit on toy-bikes and play hide and seek now, but you can definitely sit together and cherish the wonderful memories that you’ve made. Laugh together, talk about those funny fights you had, the leg pulling- all the little things that enhanced your unconditional bond. This will let her know, that even if you’re grown up and busy in your lives, even if you’ve achieved way more and have experienced happier moments, the childhood that you spent with her will always be incomparable.

6.Help her find some time for herself
When the girls become ladies, little time do they have for themselves, with all the work and household chores. Make a difference in your sister’s life by gifting her some time with her ownself. Send her for a spa or just help her in finding time to do stuff for herself which she couldn’t for a reason. What could be better? It’ll let her know that you still care about her wishes and make her feel all the more loved.

This Rakhi act a bit different and make everyday happier for her, and not just a single day. Adopt these gestures and gift her a rejuvenating experience for all the times she proved to be your second mother. Happy Rakhi to the lovely brothers and beautiful sisters!

Dr. Sonica Krishan

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