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7 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired


To think that improper sleep is the only factor that leads to fatigue is half-witted and incorrect. There are a variety of other factors which contribute to the feeling of always being tired- little habits of yours that sap your energy, both mentally and physically. Who would want to experience discomfort and ruin their plans for the day? Instead of blowing it off, figure out what the reasons might be and alter your lifestyle accordingly. We have unveiled a few prominent factors that might be culpable for making getting through the day difficult for you.

  • You're dehydrated
    Would you like if you had to remind someone over and over again about something that you need, and it's a must? Then why do you wait for your body to send signals that it needs water? Fatigue is one of the first bells that dehydration rings. If you avoid drinking water, then your body will switch to the dehydrated mode, which ultimately leads to less energy and fatigue. Drink as much water as you can, and set the minimum limit to at least 8 glasses of water.
  • You are not consuming enough iron
    When your body doesn't get the right quantity of iron that it needs, it'll be weak and leave you irritable. Eating right and maintaining the correct nutritional balance is paramount, but we understand how difficult it is to keep track. To resolve this, Sanat has encapsulated 'Sunova Spirulina Life'- a single natural source of proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants & essential micronutrients. With this unique formulation, not only will you be able to maintain your iron levels, but also absorb the goodness of other nutrients.
  • You're a couch potato
    If you like sitting in front of the television throughout the day and release a sigh of relief at the idea of not stepping out, then you're heading for trouble. Exercise is an efficient metabolism-booster and will definitely keep you active and energetic. The blunder we make is boycotting our exercise regime because of even the slightest hint of fatigue. NO! This will again cause fatigue resulting in low energy levels. (7 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Energy Levels) We know that taking out 30 minutes everyday for a walk in the fresh air, or a jog in the park is not tricky. So it's high time that you kick away the laziness inside, and pep things up a bit.
  • You stress yourself out
    Your boss screaming his lungs out at your workplace, piling your desk up with loads of files to complete and you've just got a restricted amount of time- scary much? This doesn't mean you'd sulk in your chair, or munch a packet of wafers to let go of the depression that work has caused you. Instead, indulge into something that soothes the restlessness inside you and also benefits you in some way or the other. Listen to music, start regular practice of yoga, meditate or just breathe deeply in the moment. Stress can cause your metabolism to slow down and that's not what we're aiming at.
  • You don't eat your meals on time
    Have your elders always embedded in your mind the need of waking up early, since childhood? We'll tell you why! If your start your day early, you'll not complain about "not finding time". You can begin your day with a healthy breakfast which will in return raise your energy levels, and you'll be able to easily manage eating on time rather than skipping meals. When you skip your meals, not only do your energy graph stoop low, but you also tend to binge eat later which leads to weight gain. Your health should be your first priority.
  • Your alcohol intake is high
    Folks, the aftermath of binge drinking is ugly. You feel tired, ill and the hangover doesn't even look good. High intake of alcohol can lower your energy and make you feel stressed and tired. Not only that, it also carries a huge danger to your health, so why risk it? Limit your drinking tendency and let the weekends only be memorable and socially revved up.
  • You rely on junk food
    Throughout the day, there are a lot of chores to be finished-some stressful and other simple, but for both our body needs the right amount of energy which junk food cannot provide. As it lacks the right balance and proper nutrients, it tends to leave behind fatigue and stress. Moreover, we know that your diet plays a vital role in moderating your concentration as well. So skip chomping on fast food on an everyday basis, and make it occasional.

Apart from these seven obvious reasons, the surroundings you spend a major portion of your time in, matter a lot too. If they're untidy and messy, your mind will not only feel bored, but grossed out as well. What is important is to maintain the right balance in your diet and life both. Alter your lifestyle if need be, and move towards a better and happier phase. Good luck!

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