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6 Tricks to Avoid Bloating

Do you feel like you've gained 4 kilos in two days? Most likely, bloating is to be blamed. Bloating resembles the feeling of having a balloon tied to your stomach which is constantly weighing you down, and undoubtedly, nobody finds a bloated stomach pleasant. To keep you from the bulging-belly trouble, here are some useful suggestions that may work for you:
  • Cut out on artificial sweeteners
    First and foremost, avoid chewing gums, candy bars and artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sorbitol which trigger bloating as they cannot be easily digested by the body. To make it easier for all the adults, sanat brings to you 'Sunova Dr.Shugar' which is composed of Stevia leaf extracts having 300 times the sweetness of sugar, making it a completely natural and chemical free sweetener. Now you needn't worry about satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • Don't eat in a hurry
    Doctors say that one prominent reason behind bloating is eating in hurry. This is because, when you gobble down food quickly, you swallow a lot of gas-producing air which later makes room for itself inside your belly and totally takes advantage of the fact that bellies are capable of bulging. No matter how occupied you are, one can always take time out for food. So chew well, avoid straws and eat well.
  • Pay attention to certain kind of foods
    Whenever you eat milk products, or wheat/flour products, be alert. Many people feel bloated after consuming them, so if the same is your case, you might have to avoid consuming these products on a regular basis. You may also be affected by raw vegetables as raw produce can be hard for your system to break down, further leading to bloating. So go for cooked vegetables- which your stomach can happily handle.
  • Begin your day with Yoga
    Yoga asana such as 'Agnisar kriya' is known to aid in handling problems caused on account of indigestion, such as bloating, constipation etc. This pranayama stimulates digestion by keep the abdominal muscles active. Besides this, you will also be gifted strong abs and a flat stomach. Do it after a warm glass of lemonade, without sugar, and experience the positive change in your digestive system.
  • Keep calm
    Freaking out and stress leads to bloating as well. The hormones released during anxiety and stress ignites everything in your system, including your digestive system. This implies that you may experience situations like bloating and diarrhea. Go for a stroll, ease your nerves and nail the situation with your energy and zeal.
  • Lower your salt intake
    One of the major reasons behind you having a bloated stomach is that you binged on food that had high content of salt. Your body definitely needs sodium, but remember, only a fixed amount. If you experience continuous bloating, you must consult a physician because this could indicate serious issues. Otherwise too, too much salt may also lead to water retention so refine your cooking skills and manage the amount of salt you use while cooking.
Definitely, you don't want to experience the discomfort on a regular basis. Also, a bloated bulging belly doesn't contribute to good looks and appearance either, so why let anything weigh you down, with added discomfort? My dear readers, bloating is mainly due to improper eating habits and lack of exercise. So, I'm sure you'd mend these loop holes in your daily routine and live in a healthy manner.

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