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Newsflash: These 6 Foods Might Be Absolute Sugar in Disguise

If you're a weight watcher, you'll relate to this- slashing food items that we binge on, on an everyday basis because, weight goals. Well, what if I tell you, in spite of cutting out on a variety of deep fried goods and candy bars, there are still foods that are the reason behind those bulging bellies not flattening? To add more to it, these foods top your list of vegetable-escape-plans! After taking the masks off them, these foods are:

  • Syrups and sauces
    Chocolate syrups take desserts to another level, and of course, your sugar too. These sweet devils constitute a large fraction of sugar and raise your blood sugar, as well as the calories, to level definitely more than what you assume. Families in which diabetes is hereditary, syrups should be avoided.
  • Jams and marmalades
    Isn't it a great idea to begin your day with bread and strawberry marmalade? Well, would you still think the same way if I told you that there is almost 40% sugar content in jams and marmalades? Folks, avoiding such foods must be your priority.
  • Packaged beverages and juices
    On a hot summer day, an energy drink or a can of juice proves to be your savior. Truth be told, packaged drinks are high in sugar content and calories. Your best way out is relying on fresh homemade fruit juices and smoothies paired with natural sugar free sweeteners like 'Sunova Dr.Shugar' that contains stevia leaf extract with 300 times the sweetness of sugar, and is chemical free as an added advantage. Carry a bottle of fresh juice whenever you step out in the scorching heat to sip throughout the day.
  • Cookies
    It breaks my heart to even imagine how cookies can be responsible for love handles and a double chin. Cookies, another name for sugar, are high in calories and increase your blood sugar to a great extent. So think twice before you bury your face in a bag of chocolate chip cookies next time.
  • French Fries
    French fries prove to be the perfect example when we think of 'sugar in disguise.' Even though these aren't sweet, but they still comprise of all the ingredients that raise your cholesterol and make you think a hundred times before you weigh yourself in front of anybody. Oil, which is used in the preparation process, is another reason why you should avoid this tempting snack.
  • Cakes and puddings
    Caramel puddings and truffle cakes, don't they make the mouth water? High in calories, desserts and puddings seem best at a distance. Not only do they increase health hazards, they also leave you craving more. Though they are tempting and addictive, it's best to avoid them.
Now do you realize why it's taking you so long to attain your ideal physique? These little post- or pre- meal snacks leave behind an extra baggage of calories and fat that is difficult to shed. So be wise, and burn the craving.

Dr. Sonica Krishan

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