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9 Foods That Prove To Be the Best Anti-Oxidants

Every now and then I see women striving for a beautiful skin and a healthy body where most of them spend an enormous amount of money on truckloads of chemicals in the hope of some magic. What saddens me is, they overlook the part where there are no assured long-term effects, and of course, other adverse effects to the body. Would you believe it if I tell you that there is not one, but several natural ways to prevent oxidation of your cells? Rather than being skeptical, you must go through this list of top 9 foods that are indeed the most preferable anti-oxidants:
  • Lemon
    Begin every day with a glass of lemonade with honey, and feel the magic it does to your skin. Lemon not only purifies your cells, but is also a good weight-shedding agent. It's best known for assisting young ladies in attaining those much wanted flat bellies along with a glowing skin. What more could you want?
  • Nuts
    Do you know why your mom always made sure that she filled your pocket with a handful of nuts to chomp on? We'll tell you why. Enriched with the goodness of vitamin E, nuts are a prominent source of anti-oxidants. So continue chomping on dry fruits to retain the anti-oxidation powers of vitamin E.
  • Amla
    Amla is a treasure trove of a variety of nutrients and composes of myriad beauty benefits as well. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, it prevents aging of the skin and lightens the complexion. To bring to you nature's best, sanat has encapsulated 'Sunova Spirulina Life' which is a formulation of a variety of nutrients, proving to be a rich source of Amla and Spirulina which can both do wonders to your skin.
  • Egg
    It is not surprising how egg is a wonder-food throughout the world. To add another feather to its cap, it is also a powerful anti-oxidant comprising of the richness of vitamin E which provides protection against several diseases such as cataract, Alzheimer's, diabetes etc.
  • Fish
    To keep the adequate amount of anti-oxidants flowing in the body, fish proves to be another efficient alternative. It prevents the cells from being ruptured or hampered, and maintains the overall nutrition needed. Along with this, it is also good for the heart.
  • Oats
    Not only does a diet that involves oats, helps in reducing cholesterol, it also safeguards your cells. Oats contain various compounds known for their effective anti-oxidant activity, including vitamin E. Eat a healthy bowl of oats every morning and initiate a healthier and brighter start.
  • Broccoli
    The package of vitamin C and selenium in broccoli makes it an excellent anti-oxidant. It helps in healing the damaged cells and prevents further disruption. Steam it or roast it, but definitely add this to your diet.
  • Strawberry
    Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and fight free radicals. This property prevents wrinkles and lessens the risk of age-related skin problems. Treat yourself to a bowl of strawberry yogurt or a strawberry smoothie enriched with the health benefits of this fruit.
  • Brown Rice
    Even if this food fails to tickle your taste buds, it definitely succeeds in improving the well-being of your body. Comprising of polyphenols, it proves to be an unbeatable anti-oxidant which is low on calories and has another advantage of being glutten-free.

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