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Best Ways to Gain Control over Your Mind and Stay Stress-Free

The day has just begun and you're already yearning for a tea break to take time out from the heavy load of work. Well, office deadlines and busy schedules definitely override our will to live peacefully. Everyday we battle with tensions on the personal and the professional front and somewhere in between all of this our mental peace and energy is drifting apart. Relax because you deserve it. You deserve a rejuvenated today everyday, so here are the best ways that'll assist you in staying stress free and dealing with every challenge with utmost energy:
  • Start your day with yoga
    Wake up early every morning and begin your day with the Surya-namaskar and experience the positivity that follows. Yoga not only refines your physical health but also revitalizes you mentally. With the daily dose of yoga, tackling with the hustles of everyday life will not remain a huge task.
  • Treat yourself to proper sleep
    Doctors suggest that it's mandatory to get at least 8 hours of sleep for your body's proper functioning. Even if you are caught up with important tasks, make sure that you take a nap during the day to cover up for the lack of sleep you faced. Improper sleep can lead to headaches, ill health and fatigue which will only make things unpleasant for you. So choose wisely.
  • Have an active life
    Even if we have worked up schedules, it wouldn't be difficult to take out 30 minutes everyday for a walk or jog in the park. Exercise keeps your body fit and raises your energy levels. It also fights back diseases that could hamper your everyday routine along with fighting stress and fatigue.
  • Eat wisely
    Eating properly with nutritional balance is paramount to deal with the heavy workload you face. Make sure that your diet is balanced and you don't miss out on any nutrient. To make getting the nutrition of a balanced diet easier, Sanat has encapsulated 'Sunova Spirulina Life' which contains all necessary vitamins and proteins to keep your body healthy and energized naturally without any side effects.
  • Coffee might not be your best companion
    The caffeine in coffee is known to increase your stress hormones that further cause inflammation and make you feel lousy. Coffee has other negative effects as well so it's advisable to switch to a healthier option like green tea which has great health benefits.
  • Plug in your earphones
    Music always sets the mood right no matter how worked up or stressed you are. It relaxes your mind and switches it to the peaceful mode. The right kind of music will rejuvenate you and help you step outside with immense zeal and passion. So plug in your earphones and play along the beats.
  • Stretch it out
    Have you been sitting on the chair for too long? I'm sure you need some fresh air because no better ideas would be coming your way. Get up and stretch the lethargy out of your body. Take a walk till you feel a bit fresh and then get back to work. Some time out after strenuous work will only do you good.
  • Meditate
    Meditation is another way to promote mental peace and let out the stress inside. It will also help in increasing your concentration power which will improve your performance at work. It's the best way to nurture positivity within and spread it all around.
These 8 tricks will indeed help you in improving your mental peace and taking the relaxation pill. After all, isn't the headache all about attaining peace? Keep spreading the energy around. Goodluck!

Dr. Sonica Krishan

Author and Speaker
Healthy and Joyous Living through Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and other Contemplative practices.

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