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7 tricks to look after yourself even with a hectic schedule

Today's trend exclaims that a low salary will trouble us more than high cholesterol. Incomplete assignments will ring more bells than missed medicines. After all, all you supposedly need to afford the luxuries is money. The important question is- Have you been ignoring your health because of your professional goals? Moreover, have you been giving your body the cold shoulder? The harsh truth is, poor health will take you no where. The trick lies in having your health improve along with your unprecedented growth on the professional front. Well, you need not fret anymore. Here are 7 secrets to nail your health goals:
  • The Monday Motivator:
    Start your day off with the right meal. Yes, it is very important to treat your stomach with a healthy breakfast before your strenuous activities begin. Eat a bowl of cornflakes or oatmeal that is healthy and filling at the same time. An empty stomach calls for nothing but lethargy and mid-day slumps, so sustain your energy levels by eating right.
  • The Tuesday twister
    Always keep a water bottle with you even if you're at home and stay hydrated. Water keeps your energy levels high and enhances your concentration power. The easiest way to beat the mid-day slump and fatigue is to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday.
  • Wednesday waffles
    We understand how difficult it is to maintain a balanced diet on a daily basis, and because of this we neglect a certain amount of nutrition that is important for us. To overcome this adversity, ' Sunova Spirulina Life' brings to you the goodness of all necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins in a single tablet. So you need not analyze the goodness of a variety of foods and can conveniently maintain a balanced nutrition for your body.
  • Thursday thrills
    No matter how tempting they are, slash packaged and refined foods. Containing high quantity of sugar and fats, not only can they hamper your body but also bring along fatigue and lethargy. You must opt for whole grain foods that are definitely healthier and more beneficial for your well being.
  • Friday flames
    Fruits and vegetables build the best defense mechanism that your body needs. They provide you with the necessary nutrients necessary for boosting your metabolism and also provide additional health benefits such as blood purification and a healthy skin. So eat a bowl filled with colorful fruits and brighten up your day.
  • The social Saturday
    If you're an alcohol fanatic, it's time to regulate your intake now. Gulp down a glass of water with every drink you take so that you stay hydrated. Alcohol is known for dehydrating your body and has other severe effects too, so limit your alcohol intake. Sunday morning hangovers might seem fascinating but they turn deadly as the clock ticks.
  • Sunday- the saviour
    Eating similar food everyday can be totally monotonous, but at the same time, eating out everyday can be absolutely hazardous. So cut down on eating out on a daily basis and book weekends to treat yourself with luscious and extra-ordinary food.
There couldn't be an easier way to bring about a healthy change in your lifestyle. So follow these seven tricks irrespective of your busy schedules and lead a better life free from diseases and discomfort. Stay healthy!

Dr. Sonica Krishan

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