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MSG and Cholesterol- The Unholy Alliance

With innumerable memes going viral over the internet, does it not break your heart to realize how your support system in college days has been hampering each one of us' bodies all this while? Well, no matter how irrationally we've been neglecting the powers of this two-minute magic that could increase our cholesterol, or the content of fat in our bodies, we've been unable to come to terms with the recent revelation that some products contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) and excess amount of lead despite their packs making claims to the contrary.
Apart from the fact that it is processed food, high content of carbs due to its prime ingredient 'maida', trans fat that it contains and the amount of other preservatives used collectively form the prominent cause of your ordeal. The FDA requires that it be listed on the label if MSG is used because MSG is an ingredient which may cause severe allergies and other health issues. 
So, here's a list of ways that'll help you get your body back on the healthy station overcoming your will to indulge into unhealthy eating.
  • Thrash processed foods
    Loaded with added sugar, processed foods are slowly killing people. They contain artificial ingredients that are the main cause of most diseases nowadays. It's better to depend on real foods rather than processed foods, so that you consume a healthy and solid diet free from the shackles of artificial ingredients and high levels of cholesterol.
  • Sunova Bioslim
    Apart from being a completely natural way to weight management, Sunova Bioslim is also well known for its capability to reduce cholesterol levels, limit the production of fat in the body and increase energy levels. It helps in reducing the conversion of carbohydrates to fat and thus is an extremely efficient method to manage your fitness, without any side effects.
  • Exercise
    Get on your toes and weed out the excess fat and cholesterol in your body in a jiffy. As a matter of fact, exercise is the best way to fight any health issue invincibly and if combined with natural supplements like 'Sunova Bioslim', or other home remedies, you could hit the right spot.
  • Plan your meals effectively
    The kind of diet you consume can notably affect your cholesterol and fat levels. So make sure that what you eat is healthy and will only help your body nurture. Talk to your doctor or consult a dietician to make sure that you consume all the required foods that your body needs.
  • Reduce portions
    Limiting the quantity of food that you consume is the key to cholesterol management. In this manner, you do not burden your system with excess carbs and your body gets its desired nutrition. Try going out with some company to prevent overeating and manage the will to plunge on to tempting food garnishes with cheese and other fattening ingredients.
  • Replace MSG
    Instead of MSG, use natural herbs and spices in your food to add taste and color to it. Be extremely cautious about the packaged spices and make sure you read the ingredients before you stock your pantry. Try using pepper, basil, oregano or sea salt as they prove to be better than MSG, both in the matter of health and taste.
On account of various consequences that one may face on consumption of processed foods, ranging from skin allergies due to MSG to heart diseases on account of high content of fat, it's important to override them with real and whole-grain foods that are home-cooked and do not need any artificial or added preservatives. As a piece of advice, do not buy any edible substance without being well informed about its ingredients, for a healthy and risk-free future.

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