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Implement these changes in your diet for a cooler and healthier summer!

The season of sweaty days and hot winds calls for reassessing your lifestyle and diet. The natural backdrop of healthy eating varies with every season, and this why you should reevaluate your diet plans periodically so that you are season-ready. With the rise in temperature, one wouldn't want to chomp on heavy, fried foods that cause uneasiness and discomfort in the body. It's paramount to depend on lighter meals that help you deal with the long warm days with utmost ease. Here's a list of changes that your diet must include during summers:
  • Lemonade
    Begin your mornings with a glass of chilled lemonade adding Dr.Shugar to it which is a completely natural and calorie free way to sweetness. Lemon is good for digestion and it cleanses your system, meanwhile for those who find it difficult to deal with the sourness, Sunova Dr.Shugar helps add the sweetness of Stevia leaf extract to your drink without adding anymore calories to your bag.
  • Watermelon
    Keeping in mind the high content of water in this fruit, it's considered as one of the most favorite fruits of the season. It not only helps keep the body hydrated but its coolness helps fight back the scorching heat.
  • Tomatoes
    Known for their sun-screening properties, tomato makes a prominent salad ingredient which helps protect your skin against the sun.
  • Fresh fruit Juices
    Nothing can beat the heat better than the fruit juices you could prepare at home. We all know how are demand for fluids changes as the seasons switch, so why not consume something healthy which not only keeps us hydrated but also benefits us in some way or the other? Looking at the variety of fruits the season has in store for us, you could prepare a new juice each day to add more colors to your diet.
  • Coconut water
    Popular for its freshness, coconut water is another option that suits your summer requirements the best. It indeed helps in keeping the body hydrated and fresh, thereby restricting your sugar intake on account of packed juices.
  • Say no to fatty meals
    The heaviness that the fried foods cause is the sole reason why we should avoid eating these during this season. Rather, you should eat lighter, more nutritious, non-fatty meals that keep the body at ease and do not provoke indigestion.
  • Thrash excess sugar
  • Not only does sugar increase your body's calorific value, but it also hampers your body's efficiency to deal with the heat. So it's advisable to depend on natural sweeteners like Sunova Dr.Shugar- made from stevia leaf extract, or the sugar contents of fruits and vegetables.
  • Corn
    Known for its antioxidant properties, corn protects your skin from being affected from the rays of the sun. It also resolves age-related problems thereby lowering the risk of skin damage.
So folks, reassess your diet and necessitate these changes for a healthier and cooler summer which doesn't leave you with hampered bodies and ill health. These few foods will definitely hit the right spot!

Dr. Sonica Krishan

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