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Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Summer

If you're having trouble losing weight, in spite of cutting down on calories, the reason could be that your metabolism is slowing down. To make matters worse, you may lack the time or the grit to hit the gym in this heat. Relax… you can still boost the rate at which you burn calories, without sweating it out at the gym, this summer.
In fact, the soaring temperatures and summer heat actually harbour some good news for weight watchers - after all, summer is the best season to boost your metabolism naturally and get rid of those unwanted kilos.
Here are some natural ways to rev-up your metabolism and reduce weight:
  • Go Green - An ideal way to kick-start your re-vitalization campaign is by consuming green tea - an outstanding metabolism booster. This refreshing brew boosts metabolism in two ways - firstly, it increases the breakdown of brown adipose tissue and secondly, its caffeine content raises your whole body's base metabolic rate (BMR).
  • Pep-it-up with Proteins - A high protein diet helps in burning fat and reducing weight. This happens because fats are utilized during the process of breakdown of complex proteins. A high protein diet constitutes of milk, eggs, soya and tofu besides, chicken and fish. A minimum intake of 350gms of proteins in summer season ensures that you successfully beat the heat and reduce weight.
  • Boost it with Bioslim - It is a clinically proven fact that Sunova Bioslim, a completely safe and natural product, boosts metabolism. Bioslim is a unique preparation containing time-tested herbs which are known to rev-up metabolism of fats, reduce cholesterol levels and lower lipid production. When combined with a planned diet and light exercises, Sunova Bioslim is best way to boost metabolism naturally.
  • Supplement it with Spirulina - Another well recognized calorie burner is the freshwater microalgae, Sunova Spirulina -it is a rich source of protein and certain key amino acids which your body needs to keep your metabolism charged by fuelling your cells. Sunova Spirulina, the single natural source of vital nutrients, is available as easy to pop-in capsules as well as tablets. Taking two tablets/a day can go a long way in speeding up your metabolic rate.
  • Water Works - Drinking ample water, about 10-12 glasses a day, is a wonderful way to boost body metabolism and lose weight. Water is the most reliable answer to a number of problems- it helps in weight loss and subsequent management, keeps the body energized (especially in summer), helps to rejuvenate the body and keeps skin smooth & glowing, besides flushing out toxins.
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