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Health Benefits of Berberine aristata and Gymnema for Controlling Diabetes


Health Benefits of Berberine aristata and Gymnema for Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes is an umbrella term used for a group of diseases that contribute towards a rise in glucose levels in our blood. It is serious, persistent, and has the potential to contribute towards a number of other chronic diseases, including hypertension and kidney failure. Most of the food that we eat gets broken down into sugar, which is carried around by our blood stream to all the cells in our body, so to be used for energy. Diabetes, being a metabolic disease, usually surfaces when the blood contains more sugar than is safe. This could happen mainly when our body is producing less insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. On the other hand, our body could also grow insensitive to insulin, in which case, the blood sugar level rises too. Whatever be the case, it is not healthy for us to be experiencing high blood sugar levels, as it has turned into a lifestyle disease with over ten percent of the world population suffering from one or the other kind of diabetes. In this article, we shall read about a couple of herbs that are effective at controlling diabetes.

About Berberine

Also known as Tree Turmeric or the Indian Burberry, Berberine Aristata is a spiny shrub that is native to various temperate as well as sub-tropical parts of the world. In India, people know it by various names such as daruharidra, daruhaldi, sumalu, etc. The plant bears a juicy fruit, which is edible and is loaded with a variety of nutrients, including vitamin C. However, in this blog we shall read about the much celebrated health benefits of Berberine extract, and its role in controlling diabetes.

The bark, root as well as the stem of this plant are used to make herbal preparations, which are aimed at addressing a number of ailments. Berberine, the most active alkaloid found abundantly in the root bark of this plant, is primarily what renders it most of its therapeutic properties. It is loaded with healing properties, which include being anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti pyretic, anti cancer, hepato-protective, etc. The extract is also quite effective at wound healing and treating other skin issues . It serves as an effective laxative, detoxifier and tonic. No wonder why it has been used extensively and since ages in various traditional systems of medications the world over, including Ayurveda and the Chinese medicine.

Berberine for Diabetes

Owing to its hypoglycemic property, the dried and powdered berberine extract consumed with water is quite effective at controlling the sudden sugar spikes. Berberine is known to contain some potent anti-diabetic prowess. It is safe and effective for oral consumption, and it offers an effect that is similar to that of insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood glucose levels in our body. Its regular consumption leads to a significant drop in blood sugar levels, minus any adverse hypoglycemic effects. At the same time, it reduces our body’s sensitivity towards insulin, a common cause behind the type II Diabetes. This not only leads to an improvement in fasting sugar, but also postprandial glucose levels. In fact, owing to its efficacy, it has been considered to be just as safe and effective as commercial anti diabetic medications. Perhaps that is why Berberine is hailed as a wonder herb for controlling the growth and spread of diabetes.


It is a shrub that finds its origin in tropical regions of Australia, India and Africa. In India, it is fondly referred to as Gurmar. The name literally translates to ‘the destroyer of sugar’. Besides, its leaf extract, loaded with some incredible healing and curative properties, has the potential to control sugar in the most natural, safe and effective manner.

Gymnemic Acids for Diabetes

The presence of Gymnemic acids goes a long way in allowing this herb to curb our cravings for anything sweet. These primarily work by blocking the sugar receptors present on our tongue. In the process, we end up eating much less sugar, and we are also all the less likely to experience blood sugar spikes in the first place. At the same time, these acids also have the capacity to block the process of sugar absorption in our intestines, thus leading to reduced blood sugar levels, especially post meals. This goes a long way in thwarting the long term complications arising due to diabetes. Further, by promoting the regeneration of insulin producing cells, this herbal extract also plays a huge role in stimulating the process of insulin secretion in the pancreas. Gymnema is believed to be completely safe, and in fact, is especially recommended, to be taken along with our regular anti diabetic medications.


Dianova containing Berberine 500mg is regarded as innovative care in diabetes and is used in Diabetes mellitus by increasing the glucose uptake inside the cells, insulin sensitizing effect, incretin effects and by DDP4 inhibition.

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