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Gokhshur (Tribulus terrestris) - Potent Herbal For Increasing Stamina & Vitality


Gokhshur (Tribulus terrestris) - Potent Herbal For Increasing Stamina & Vitality

About Gokshura

Tribulus terrestris refers to a perennial plant native to Asia, Africa and Southern Europe. In India, it grows abundantly in the Himalayan mountainous regions. Gokshur, obtained from the dried fruits of this plant, is an ancient Indian herb that has gained immense popularity in the alternative healthcare domain. It is popular by a lot of regional names, some of which include Gokshra, Gokhru, Nerinjil, Devil’s Thorn, etc. It comes loaded with a wide range of therapeutic properties, which is what makes it one of the most celebrated herbs in Ayurveda. The benefits, however, are not limited to being therapeutic, but also nutritive and biological. Primarily, this could be attributed to its active constituents, which include several important alkaloids and phytosterols. However, it is also packed with an impressive healing profile, and remains a potent anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti hypertensive, aphrodisiac, adaptogen and diuretic.

Health Benefits of Gokshura

Gokshura goes a long way in rejuvenating and revitalising our mind, body and soul. Besides, there are various other health conditions that it is capable of addressing. Some of these include UTIs, colic, constipation, bloating, abdominal tumour, hernia, haemorrhoids, prostate gland issues, PCOS, kidney issues, gout and osteoarthritis, etc. It also promotes our heart health, and looks after our skin. Owing much to its aphrodisiac properties, Gokshura is quite helpful in relieving us of mental stress, and helps keep the signs of anxiety and depression at bay. It regulates the levels of serotonin in our brain, and improves our overall mental and emotional state of being. It also improves our cognitive function, and helps us focus and retain better.

Gokshura for the Body

The regular consumption of Gokshura is known to help men build body as well as stamina, and contribute towards their overall fitness. This can largely be attributed to the presence of Protodioscin saponin, an active constituent of Gokshura. By releasing nitric oxide, this phytochemical helps send across oxygen rich blood to the muscles. This makes them better equipped at using the protein available in our body, to build stronger muscles. At the same time, this herb prods the pituitary gland in the men’s body to produce more testosterone. Increased testosterone levels help in allowing men indulge in a strenuous workout, thus contributing towards bodybuilding. Gokshura also lowers the stress hormone levels in our body, and allows us to relax and rest better, after a heavy workout session. This herb also gives our immunity, adds up to our strength and there is little wonder as to why it has come to become a popular workout supplement among men the world over.

How it helps?

Gokshura, especially in combination with Ashwagandha, helps men build and tone their muscles, develop a lean body, improve athletic performance and allow them to push their limits and build a body that they had been dreaming of. Needless to say, these benefits go a long way in allowing men boost their self esteem. In combination with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, it should not be long before you can see the results for yourself.

Gokshura for Enhancing Vigour and Stamina

The herb of Gokshura is also popular for enhancing vigour and stamina because working as a non-hormonal bio-stimulator, Gokshura helps increase the amount of natural endogenous testosterone among males. It eventually enhances libido and stamina among the men and contributes towards an increased sexual drive and desire, while they would gain substantial benefit from this herb. All these are the reasons why this herb is called the ‘herb for men’, as they stand to benefit so much from this single, magic of an herb called Gokshura.

Some Care

This traditional herbal formulation is mostly available in churna (powder) or tablet form, and its consumption is by and large safe. On the other hand, you could also prepare a nice, hot cup of kadha. However, make sure to consult your physician on the dosage, as it could sometimes interfere with your existing health supplements or medicines that you could be taking, and at times cause difficult sleep patterns, occasional vomiting, etc. Also, in order to witness best results in terms of stamina and vitality, you must make sure to consume the herb at the right time and in optimum dosage.


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