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Effective Weight Loss With Natural Herbs


Effective Weight Loss With Natural Herbs

Weight gain, whether sudden or gradual, is something which bothers most of us, especially when we are unable to figure out what is causing it. Apart those much-needed nutrients, the daily diet brings us to take in a number of calories all through the day. Our body converts these calories into energy, the fuel that is required to carry out our daily activities.

Weight Gain - The Why and the How

Now, calories are present in almost everything we eat, and the more junk or processed we eat, the more the caloric intake. All is good, as long as we work hard enough to break a sweat and actually burn those calories. Otherwise, while some of them are converted to energy, a large percentage gets stored up in these fat cells present all over our body. These specialised fat cells, also called adipose tissue, tend to either grow in size or number, as more calories are consumed each passing day. The purpose of these fat cells is to ensure that our body uses these calories as an alternative source of fuel, when there is little or no food available.

Metabolism - Converting Calories into Usable form of Energy

Metabolism plays a big role in controlling weight gain and ensuring weight management. It is the process by which the calories are converted into energy, and the faster the rate of metabolism, the more calories we burn and the more energetic we feel. On the other hand, in case of a slowed metabolism, the exact opposite happens. The excessive calories do not get expended and converted into energy through our daily movements and body functions. That is perhaps why we also feel all the more lethargic all through the day. Overeating or an unhealthy diet, a lack of inactivity, some hereditary problem, stress or a chronic health condition could further contribute to the process of unwanted weight gain.

Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

Losing weight and maintaining the same can be quite tricky and taxing. While exercising could help get rid of the unwanted fat, yet what we eat has the most impact on our weight. Apart from a light yet healthy and balanced diet, Mother Nature has bestowed us with a variety of herbs that could do the trick for us!

Some Staple, Some Specialised

Fenugreek, cardamom, cumin, ginger, pepper, ginseng, oregano, cinnamon, etc are some herbs that are known to offer reasonable reduction in weight. Who would have thought that apart from adding flavour and spice, these could also boost our metabolism, improve satiety and enhance the fat burning process in our body? Most of these herbs are kitchen staples that form a part of our everyday cooking. In this article, we are going to talk about the use of Garcinia cambogia and Green Coffee bean extract.

Garcinia cambogia - Rightfully dubbed as a popular weight loss supplement, Garcinia cambogia is the botanical name for a tropical fruit called the Malabar Tamarind. The peel of this small, pumpkin shaped fruit is considered to be effective at offering weight loss benefits. It contains a good amount of hydroxy-Citric acid (HCA), one of its most active compounds. Garcinia cambogia supplements available in the market contain the extract obtained from these peels, and can offer a modest amount of weight loss.

How Can Garcinia Help?

Consuming these supplements could help you achieve weight loss, by means of reducing your appetite. It increases the amount of a hormone called Serotonin, which tells our brain that we are full. That way, we don’t end up over indulging or binge eating, and are able to manage our weight better. Further, this extract also goes a long way in blocking fat production and the making of fatty acids. It also works at preventing the accumulation of belly fat, thus making us look and feel slimmer. Many people with weight issues have reported much reduced cholesterol and TLC levels with regular usage of this particular extract.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

We all love a nice, warm cup of coffee to kickstart our day. In fact, we do not mind consuming those back to back mugs of “especially strong” brew to get past the day, assuming that the caffeine gives us focus and energy. Agreed, but did you also know that the same could do wonders to our body weight and belly fat? Caffeine, as we all know, is a potent weight loss stimulant, provided that we knew just the right kind.

How Green Coffee Helps?

As the name suggests, the green coffee bean extract is something that is obtained from raw, unroasted and unprocessed coffee beans. The fact that these beans are not roasted makes them high on chlorogenic acid content. This polyphenol antioxidant can significantly slow down the absorption of fat and glucose in our gut, thus preventing and reducing insulin level spikes. Its regular consumption also improves our overall metabolism, makes us feel more energetic and less loaded. These acids also offer anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive benefits. Using the regular, roasted beans, on the other hand, reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid our coffee contains.

Green coffee bean extract is usually available in the form of pills, and is increasingly becoming a popular weight loss and health supplement. Being green also makes the beans loaded with a variety of other antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds. They can moreover improve our cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Sunova Bioslim

Sunova Bioslim is unique blend of herbal extracts - Garcinia cambogia and Green coffee beans to support weight loss naturally. The combination is charged with the power of Piper nigrum to increase their bioavailability.


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