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Weight Management This Summer: Weigh your options!

The season of relaxing vacations, plunging into the pool, hitting the beach, enjoying cool water, longer days and fresh fruit is here!
Summer is not only a great time to take a break from work, but also a terrific season to achieve your weight management goals. The summer heat naturally boosts your metabolism, decreases your appetite and also gets you sweating off the pounds. This makes summer months the optimal time of the year to lose those unwanted kilos!
Well, before you let your guards down, it's important to learn the slips, slides and potential pitfalls that could ruin your summer weight loss regime. Don't forget that it is important to weigh your options:
  • Sugary Cold Drinks v/s Water
    With more fluids leaving your body, one obviously feels thirstier and is tempted to gulp down colas, margaritas, icy mock tails and juices. Showering yourself with cold drinks is only going to make you fatter. So instead of the sugar laden drinks, opt for water. Yes, water tastes different... but it doesn't have to taste bland. You can flavor it with lemon or lime, orange or cucumber slices. The options are unlimited; be innovative!
  • Sugar v/s Dr. Shugar
    Give up sugar & empty calories and opt for Sunova Dr. Shugar - a 100%natural sweetener packed with the goodness of Stevia leaf extract. One of the most appealing aspects of Sunova Dr. Shugar is that it has virtually no calories; in contrast, each gram of regular table sugar contains 4 calories. A teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams. From this perspective, one realizes that a 12-ounce can of a sweetened cola contains 8 teaspoons of added sugar, or about 130 calories. If you're trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain, products sweetened with Sunova Dr. Shugar (instead of high calorie table sugar) are the ideal resort for health conscious people. Unlike artificial sweeteners, SunovaDr.Shugar has no side effects, no after-taste and no chemicals.
  • Dietary Malnutrition v/s Nutritious Diet
    Summer is also the time when your body is resistant to putting on fat and your appetite reduces. The flip side is - it becomes easy for the body to reach a state of dietary malnutrition, which can cause your metabolism to bottom out or reach a plateau. Further, this could put your body in shock and it starts fattening up, even though nature dictates that it's not supposed to do so. The summer months are a time that you should take special care of providing the nutrition your body needs through fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit. Getting ample nutrition, without throwing unreasonable diet restrictions on your body, is the best way to knock off kilos.
  • Weight Loss Supplements v/s SunovaBioslim
    Creating a pill that fights fat without causing harmful side effects has been the biggest challenge for the global drug industry. Most weight loss supplements have long term consequences on the heart and other organs. For those who have been battling the bulge, the answer lies in SunovaBioslim - the most effective, natural way to manage weight issues. It assists metabolism, lowers cholesterol and helps reduce weight by burning away or metabolizing fat. Regular consumption of SunovaBioslim for three months, coupled with diet and exercise is a promising option that can result in permanent weight loss of 8-10 kgs.
  • Processed Salad Dressing v/s Homemade Varieties
    What is summer without cold salads? But instead of off-the -shelf salad dressings, packed with unwanted calories (read sugar, fat and sodium), it is advisable to opt for homemade varieties. This way you're able to cut down on the sugar as well as sodium.
Under the scorching sun, sweating pound after pound is a good way to keep your weight off. Just ensure that you rehydrate yourself with water, switch to Dr. Shugar, have fresh fruit & salads, exercise regularly and supplement your weight loss with Bioslim. So this summer, nothing can stop you from achieving the slim down you deserve!

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