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6 facts and myths about obesity that'll leave you wondering


Did the aunt next door tell you how her cousin's daughter lost 10 Kg's in a jiffy? Didn't she enlighten you about how obesity can be tackled and what it brings along with it? Well, apart from being one of the prime worries of doctors today, obesity has another concern attached to it which harms patients more than the actual disease- its myths. False information often leads to bad initiatives and even worse repercussions. So here are the most popular myths and facts about obesity that you need to know.

  • Your small change in calorie intake will result in a huge weight loss.
    Fact: Unfortunately, your diet plan is directly proportional to your weight gain which means that little changes will only reduce your weight to some small extent.
  • Only people who are 'ready' to lose weight accomplish their goals
    Fact: Readiness has nothing to do with losing weight. Ofcourse your readiness boosts your motivation, but studies show that people who seek weight reduction treatments have no effect of readiness. Only appropriate measures will help you bring about the desired change.
  • Sweeteners of any type will contribute to weight gain
    Fact:Sugar free natural sweeteners, like Stevia leaf, are known to reduce diabetes and regulate weight because inspite of having approximately 300 times the sweetness of sugar, they have minimal effect on blood sugar. Sweeteners like 'Sunova Dr.Shugar' are made of stevia leaf extract that are low on carbohydrate, completely natural and have no chemicals whatsoever act as the best alternative for people regulating their calorie intake and diet.
  • Consuming more fruits and vegetables will result in weight loss regardless of any other activity that affects the body.
    Fact: It goes without saying that consumption of fruits and green vegetables will contribute towards the betterment of your metabolism but any other carelessness towards your health is bound to bring along some consequences. Exercise packed with a healthy diet plan is an efficient way to speed up your weight loss.
  • Rapid weight loss indicates that you are more prone to gain weight again.
    Fact: Statistics show no significant difference in the long term follow up of people with rapid and people with slow weight reduction processes. Different bodies react to certain procedures differently, so a simple statement cannot be coined for ever obese person in general. Even though it is observed that obese people lose weight fast, but these weight reduction schemes may cause internal damage on account of interference with the body's mechanism.
  • Realistic weight goals are proportional to weight loss.
    Fact: It is advisable to take small steps initially towards losing weight but it doesn't necessarily signify that if you set huge goals then initial failure will get you all frustrated and cease weight loss. In fact, it will only make you work even harder towards achieving it.

Hopefully the idea of obesity and weight loss is crystal clear in your minds with the above mentioned facts. The bottom line is, obesity can be tackled with a package of exercise, healthy diet and inner motivation to improve your health and lead a healthier and happier life. Take care!

Dr. Sonica Krishan

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