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It's officially the metabolism-boosting season. Know the tricks to make the most of it

Many people get confused about the role of metabolism in weight gain and weight loss. The fact is, your metabolism sets to a plateau if your diet remains constant and this is why your weight remains considerably the same for years. A boost in your metabolism helps the body's efficiency to convert the stored fat into energy to increase which results in weight loss. Now the question that pops up is: how shall one increase the metabolism of his/her body? Newsflash: Even though your metabolism is swayed by your genetic factors, boosting your metabolism is not an uphill task. The basic secrets to enhance your metabolism are:
  • Eat: Yes, munching and swallowing healthy food is a solution to almost every health related issue one may face. Intake of proteins, Vitamins and iron is the key to a fit and fat-free body. Get your omega-3's which are prevalent in foods like fish(salmon, herring and tuna) which will help reduce inflammation and regulate your metabolism. Other foods that will help in regulating your metabolism are: 1. Lean meat 2. Chili peppers 3. Coffee 4. Green Tea 4. Whole grains It's not only important to gobble up these foods but also at regular intervals of time- when they're meant to be ingested.
  • Gulp as much water as you can: Want to increase the capability of your body to burn down fat? Gulp as much water as you can. According to a recent study, drinking water increases your metabolic rate by 30%. Dehydration may pave way for hunger pangs and trick your mind into believing that your body craves calories- No, it doesn't. Water is your vehicle for draining fat out of your body and creating a healthy and lean physique.
  • Rev it up naturally: Inspite of all the ways that stimulate your metabolism, one would any day want to choose something which has quick results that too without any side effects. Keeping this need in mind, Sanat has manufactured various herbal tablets that help in boosting your metabolism, losing weight and converting the fat of your body into energy, that too without any side effects. Its main aim is the satisfaction of its customers with cent percent results. One such tablet is 'Sunova Spirulina'. It's the richest source of protein and provides 18 out of 22 amino acids. Not only adults, but it is equally beneficial for children as well. Two tablets a day, and you'll be on your feet- energetic and fit.
  • Sweat Everyday: A slice of pizza down your throat and guilt is already making you sweat. No, this guilt is not what should make you sweat- it's exercise. Studies say that exercising for at least one hour everyday keeps your body in a healthy state, and makes your glands work more efficiently. Thus, a jog in the park or a run on the tracks will only do you good and ease the process of draining the fat in the pizza and leaving behind an attended and cleansed mechanism.
  • Find a stress buster: Your boss screaming his lungs out at your workplace, piling your desk up with loads of files to complete and you've just got a restricted amount of time- scary much? This doesn't mean you'd sulk in your chair, or munch a packet of wafers to let go of the depression the strain at work has caused you. Instead, indulge into something that soothes the restlessness inside you and also benefits you in some way or the other. Listen to music, start regular practice of yoga, meditate or just breathe deeply in the moment. Stress can cause your metabolism to slow down and that's not what we're aiming at.
If you don't want yourself sweating over a chocolate-chip cookie filled with caramel which your poor stomach craved for after a hectic day, get started!

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