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An Insight on Scars and Two Natural Herbs that Reduce Them from Inside Out


What are scars?

Whenever you experience a topical injury, a burn, an open wound, acne or any skin ailment, it results in the skin getting somewhat damaged, scarred or blemished. Now, in order to make up for the damage, your body gets into a self-repair mode. It tends to form new collagen fibres, thus allowing the growth of new tissues in a crisscross pattern on the affected area.

In the process, the skin that had been wounded or bruised, gradually gets replaced with new skin. In fact, when you finally see a scar being formed, it implies that the wound has almost completely healed. It is believed that the sooner the wound heals, the less prominent the scar is going to be!

New skin - as good as new? not really!

This new skin, however, is a little different in terms of colour, texture and thickness when compared to the skin that surrounds it. This rather unpleasant mark or, in other words, scar, is not only embarrassing at times but something that continues to remind you of the incidence that that took place at the sight of injury for a long time to come. Scary? Well, that & rsquo;s a scar for you!

Plight of the unsightly scars
While scars tend to smoothen, soften and fade gradually over a period of time, or even sometimes months and years altogether, rarely do they ever go away completely. It is, therefore, quite unlikely for the skin to appear the same as it did before the scar. Nonetheless, there are several home remedies you can adopt in order to make the scar less visible and fade over time.

Two herbs provide ultimate natural solution for scars
There are two natural herbs that are highly supportive and curative that can be easily used so as to take care of your scars. Some of the most effective hacks at reducing the scars include the use of natural herbs and plant extracts. Most of these can easily be found in your kitchen. Let & rsquo;s have a look at a few of these, how they work and their effectiveness.

Turmeric - Also known as Haldi or the golden spice (Having the Latin name - Curcuma Longa), Curcuma is an age old herb that is celebrated for its culinary as well as curative properties. In the culinary segment, turmeric forms an indispensable part of some common Indian curries, and lends a unique colour and flavour of its own to various cuisines all over the world. Therapeutically as well, the benefits of turmeric galore. Owing to the presence of this active ingredient called Curcumin, turmeric is loaded to the brim with a host of health promoting properties. It also exhibits some exceptional skin care benefits, which make it feature in a variety of commercial skin care products.

Turmeric for scars

In case of scars, you can totally trust this good old herb called turmeric. Being a promising anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature, turmeric prevents and reverses the skin damaging action of free radicals. Its antiseptic properties allow the healing to happen as smoothly as possible. Also, by penetrating deep into the skin, it treats the problem of scars from the root and prevents them from appearing in the first place. Not only that, it also rejuvenates your skin and gives a natural glow that is even toned, flawless and free from scars and blemishes.

Application of turmeric

You can form a paste by mixing turmeric powder with some milk, coconut oil, honey, mint or lemon juice. Aloe vera gel also goes well with turmeric in preventing / reducing the formation of scars.
Aloe vera & ndash; another herb that is good support
The extract obtained from this succulent plant is known to work wonders in curing various skin conditions. It is quite effective when applied topically onto the affected area, such as burns, acne, irritation, itchiness, redness and inflammation, etc.

In case of scars, here’s how aloe vera gel works -

It contains a variety of components, including monosaccharides and mannose phosphate which work at the cellular level.

It strengthens the collagen structure within the scar.
Aloe gel also promotes the creation of cells, thus improving the healing process of the scar tissues.
Its regular application also helps in reducing the size of the scar, and making its appearance softer and much uniform.
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