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How the Natural Herb Gokshura Works As Effective Vitalizer


This small flowering plant called Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) has made a decent place of its own in the world of traditional medication, including Ayurveda ( Also known as Gokhru, this herb grows in many places across the world, especially in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. People call it by a lot of other interesting names such as Bullhead, Goathead, Puncturevine, Devil’s Thorn, Devil’s Eyelashes, And Even Tackweed, etc.

Valued Vitalizer

Gokshura offers a multitude of health benefits. One of the most celebrated benefits of gokshura, however, is the fact that it imparts you with energy and acts as a natural vitalizer. It is used by athletes and people in general for the purpose of body building, gaining strength as well as lean, well-toned muscles.

The chemistry behind

Gokshura is loaded with a variety of Saponins, the tiny phytochemicals that increase the testosterone levels in your body. Of all the saponins present in gokshura, this particular one called protodioscin acts as an especially powerful nutrient. It helps in releasing nitric oxide, which in turn allows an increased flow of oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body, especially to the muscles. This makes the muscles effectively use up all the essential nutrients available in the blood, especially proteins.

The vitalizer of choice

The regular use of this herb also increases stamina while working out, and allows you to exercise better. Besides increasing the exercising capacity, it is even helpful in contributing to post workout muscle recovery, something which sportspersons are almost always in the need of. It acts as an effective muscle relaxant, and allows you to relax and recover quicker and better. 


Depending upon personal choice and for improved results, you may like to combine it with other herbs, such as ashwagandha. In order to make it taste better, you may mix it to a fresh fruit juice as well. All these properties together make this amazing Ayurveda herb called Gokshura one of the most popular, all-natural health supplements and fitness booster.

Gokshura vs other supplements

he market, no doubt, is flooded with a wide variety of body building and energy boosting herbs but one must realise that not all are safe. The long term use of some may cause more harm than good to our body in the long run. Professional athletes are often tempted to use a variety of steroids as energy supplements in order to be able to perform better. But their use is not only unsafe, but also against the law in most countries.

Gokshura, on the other hand, acts as a completely natural steroid and vitalises the body from inside out. This incredible rasayana also offers several rejuvenating properties and hence, people, especially athletes may also consume it in moderate amounts during rest phase to relax and relieve their muscles.

And a host of other health benefits

  • There is an exhaustive list of health benefits this humble little herb has to offer. Let us take a quick look at some of these.
  • Gokshura is known to cure a variety of skin ailments, and acts as an effective anti-aging agent.
  • It looks after the health of your heart and is especially useful in case of cardiac disorders 
  • It also helps improve the brain and cognitive function, primarily by regulating the levels of this hormone called serotonin. The presence of MOA inhibitors allows gokshura to also relieve stress and cure headaches.
  • It is an excellent diuretic, and helps balance the fluids in your body. This property also makes it useful for people suffering from kidney stones or urinary infection, such as pain or burning sensation during urination.
  • Apart from working as a natural aphrodisiac, Gokshura improves sperm production and also enhances the libido among men and women.
  • People suffering from rheumatic pain, including throbbing pain and swelling in the joints, may also find relief by using gokshura owing largely to its anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and anti-gout properties.
  • Gokshura has been recognised as an effective immunity boosting herb.
  • Owing to its tendency to fight glucose intolerance, it can also reduce and regulate the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • This herb also exhibits some significant anti-hypertensive properties and keeps the blood pressure ( levels from shooting up.

Sanat Erotican

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