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Why Nutraceuticals Are Becoming Part Of Daily Diet?


A nutraceutical, like the name suggests, is a healthcare product which lies somewhere in between a nutritional food product and a pharmaceutical one. Having been coined way back in 1989, the term basically refers to food products with biologically active nutrients, whose benefits go much beyond their regular nutrition profile, and in fact help promote our health in one way or the other. While most of these products are more or less consumed as a part of our daily diet, other might need special inclusion.

Brief insight

Besides providing a good amount of nutrition, nutraceuticals also exhibit some incredible healing powers which can significantly reduce the symptoms of  some chronic health conditions including cancer and heart disease, while preventing/treating others such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, cataract, insomnia, osteoporosis etc. among others. Interestingly, the benefits do not only address physical issues, but also various physiological and psychological ones as well.

Categories and everyday examples

There are three main categories under which nutraceuticals can be defined. These include

  • nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and non-nutrients(fatty acids, amino acids, etc), 
  • herbal/botanical products(phytochemicals such as flavonoids, lipids, phenolics, proteins and lipids, etc) and 
  • diet based supplements(prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants, etc). 

Wide spectrum

A nutraceutical is an umbrella term which includes a whole host of different products. Some examples include citrus fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish, soy and soy based products, green tea, honey, herbs and herbal foods, probiotics including yoghurts, citrus fruits, leafy greens, nuts, etc. Apart from whole foods, various fortified, enhanced and enriched foods also come under the category of nutraceuticals, which are also referred to as ‘value-added foods’. Examples include cholesterol-lowering spreads, omega-3 enriched eggs, grape juice or red wine, fortified margarines, fortified dairy products, food additives, etc. Certain genetically engineered, refined and/or processed food products in the form of cereals, soups, beverages and energy drinks have also begun to feature in this category.

New member in the healthcare family 

This Nutraceutical product, also known as functional food at times, is not as tested and regulated as a typical medicine would be. Therefore, these do not feature among prescribed medications, and they are often isolated from those products which form a part of the medicinal category. On the contrary, they are known as the essential dietary supplements. Nonetheless, they are quite effective for our health and form a major part of the healthcare industry. These are recommended to be especially included in our everyday diet.

Brief on their benefits

  • These foods focus on the concept of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Their nutrition profile allows them to prevent the common health conditions from surfacing in the first place. 
  • Moreover common and some chronic diseases also have a tendency to be addressed to quite an extent if we make these nutraceuticals a part of our daily diet. 
  • Besides promoting our health, these ‘food like substances’ also increase our life expectancy as well as the overall quality of our life. 
  • They help delay the ageing process by making us fitter and better, both health wise and looks wise. 
  • They boost our immune system and equip our body to become better adept at handling the adversaries of everyday life. 
  • They also aid in supporting the structure and overall functioning of our body.
  • They have become especially popular due to the public’s rising concern about the ever increasing cost of health care amidst the fast paced, much sedentary lifestyle that has become a norm nowadays, which apart from exposing us to various problems of its own, leaves us with little time to sit back, relax and really look after our health. 

Preventive healthcare approach

Please note that although Nutraceuticals do not come under the category of drugs or medication, the assistances are not limited to traditional beliefs but are indeed scientifically backed and time tested. Apart from being easily affordable and readily available nowadays, these substances also do not expose us to any side effects. In order to promote their recognition as these safe, nutritional and therapeutic food substances that benefits our health. They are indeed being recognised as the seamless building block of life. Nutraceuticals, while focusing on a preventive approach to healthcare and well being, are also being considered as a reliable alternative means of medication. 

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