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Know How L-Carnitine Significantly Benefits The Nervous System!


This particular amino acid called L Carnitine plays a dominant role in producing cellular energy in our body. It is achieved by sending the long-chained fatty acids, aka the dietary fat, present in our blood straight to the mitochondria in the cells, where they get transformed, or shall we say burned or 'oxidised' into usable form of energy. Thus, by improving the mitochondrial function, L Carnitine acts as a major dietary fuel in our body for the production of much needed energy required to carry out various day to day activities. Not only this, it also goes a long way in improving the muscle movement, enhancing the athletic performance, while also making way for a quick and convenient, post-workout muscle recovery. That is one of the reasons why the intake of this particular protein is particularly high among athletes.

How L Carnitine Benefits The Nervous System

It is notable that L-carnitine - the amino acid which is naturally produced in the body significantly benefits the entire nervous system. This is because sufficient amount of this particular chemical in our body has been observed to exhibit neuro-protective effect. Not only does it help in speeding up the regeneration of the motor neurons as well as nerve fibres present across our nervous system, on a regular basis and especially following an injury; this has also established effectiveness particularly in case of those who have experienced a partial or complete loss of nerve function.

Particular support in neuropathy

L-carnitine helps protect us against several neural as well as cognitive disorders, including slight depression, OCD, ADHD, chronic fatigue symptoms, Parkinson’s disease and even the Alzheimer’s disease.

It is obvious that L-carnitine which is largely an imperative provider to cellular energy metabolism, has shown substantial help in related ailments like the condition of peripheral neuropathy which is a serious ailment that is becoming especially common among those suffering from diabetes. This condition primarily refers to a disruption of nerve conduction. It is accompanied by pain, numbness and even hypersensitivity. In severe cases, it may lead to a lack of coordination and even paralysis. Chronic neuropathy, therefore, is another area where the use of L-carnitine comes handy, since it not only helps in preventing, but also reducing the existing symptoms of neuropathy.

It helps in the formation of a prominent neurotransmitter called acetylecholine in our body. This particular compound helps restore the nerve function and improving mental function in our body, while also increasing our mental awareness. We can, therefore, say that this particular amino acid enhances the overall performance of our nervous system.

More benefits

Other than providing considerable support to the nervous system, L-Carnitine which is a building block for proteins that is naturally produced in the body, also takes care of the cardiovascular system as well the muscles. This is because it is believed that L-Carnitine is vital for both the heart and brain functions, muscle movement, and several other processes of the body. Some other benefits of this particular amino acid derivative include the following:

  • L Carnitine helps burn fat and increases our overall endurance. The same property also allows us to lose some weight in the process.
  • It increases our cognitive performance.
  • It significantly boosts our memory and increases our learning power.
  • It improves our heart and brain function.
  • It plays a major role in disease prevention and makes way for healthy ageing. In fact, it keeps the cells in our body, especially the mitochondrial membrane function, protected against degeneration associated with ageing.
  • Also the sufficient presence of L Carnitine is also believed to improve and uplift our mood.

Sourcing sufficient L Carnitine

Our body usually produces sufficient amounts of L Carnitine. It processes lysine and methionine, two prominent amino acids, in order to eventually produce L Carnitine. On the other hand, its deficiency, which usually begins to surface especially as we age, can lead to some serious health repercussions. Nonetheless, there are various dietary sources which can make up for any deficiency of this nutrient in our body. These includes poultry and various animal product such as meat (especially red), milk, beef, pork, fish, beans, avocado, etc. besides, Carnitine supplements are also available in the markets. However, the best sources remain those obtained from food as well as that produced by the body.

Sanat Nunerve-Lm

Nunerve-Lm tablets from the house of Sanat products ltd, are considered to be containing L-Carnitine as one of the main ingredients along with Mecobalamin, Folic Acid, Grape seed extract, Vitamin E, Pyridoxine HCL and Vitamin D3. These are counselled perfect for the ailments of Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, muscle / leg cramps, fatigue and weakness etc. The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 tablets to be taken in a day and no known side effects have been reported with this product.

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