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Power of Protein in Spirulina for Development of Growth & Intelligence


Proteins are the building blocks required by our body in order to build, grow as well as repair the various cells and tissues. These complex biological molecules also look after their structure and functioning, ensuring that each cell in our body survives, thrives and develops in a healthy manner. Protein, basically, is an umbrella term used for these organic compounds known as amino acids. There are about twenty different amino acids required by our body. They can arrange themselves in long, extremely complex chains, something which results in there being a huge variety of proteins.

Proteins for growth and intelligence

Proteins are invariably associated with growth and intellect. They not only look after our body, but also help boost our brain health in the process. They increase our level of alertness, while making us feel more active and energised. It is, therefore, an excellent brain food that nourishes our brain from deep-within.

  • The various neurotransmitters, basically the chemical messengers produced by our brain, need proteins in order to function.
  • The various neurons present in our brain thrive on proteins so as to interact with each other and perform various day to day functions.

Perhaps, that is the reason why taking a diet that is adequate in proteins can, in fact, make us smarter and sharper.

Obtaining Protein Naturally

Owing to its immense range of benefits and the sheer fact that it helps us grow, both physically as well as mentally, markets are flooded with a variety of protein shakes and supplements. While some contain natural ingredients, others might contain chemically synthesised forms of proteins which claim immediate results but end up doing more harm than good in the process. Therefore, as far as possible, we should try and opt for natural sources only.

There are so many dietary sources of protein available in nature, including both plant as well as animal-based. Eggs and poultry, seafood, lean meat, dairy products, soy, lentils and pulses, nuts, seeds, etc. are all excellent sources of proteins. However, there is one food which deserves a surprisingly special mention here i.e. Spirulina.

Perfect synonym for protein

This blue-green algae, which interestingly happens to be one of the oldest life forms on earth, has managed to continue gaining some special attention in the world of healthcare, across the world. Spirulina, the surprising superfood of sorts is a protein powerhouse which contains all the essential amino acids required by us. It has been acclaimed that Spirulina contains sixty to sixty five percent proteins required for optimal growth and intelligence development in human body.

Benefits our brain

  • Spirulina prevents our brain from oxidative stress, degenerative ailments and other age related problems. Its antioxidant activity prevents the brain from undergoing free radical damage. This in turn delays the ageing of our brain, allowing it to remain just as active and alert for a rather long period of time.
  • Including spirulina in daily diet as a supplement helps to stimulate the brain as well as our nervous system, which in turn improves our memory as well as retention power.
  • Apart from all the other benefits which a good source of protein ideally exhibits, spirulina is also believed to be of help in treating the problem of ADHD.

Beyond brain benefits

Spirulina comes loaded with abundant antioxidants which fight the nasty free radicals floating around in our body and protect us against oxidative damage and the signs of ageing. Besides, it is loaded to the brim with various nutrients which aptly make it a superfood of sorts. These include vitamin b1, b2, b3, b12, iron, copper, calcium, niacin and several other minerals such as magnesium, manganese and potassium among others. Not only this, Spirulina also contains several anti-inflammatory properties which allow it to provide relief from the chronic diseases relating to inflammation.

Good news for vegans and vegetarians

The good news for all the vegans among us, who often tend to miss out on good quality proteins, is that spirulina is an extremely rich, all-natural, non-poultry, non-dairy source of proteins. It can be safely supposed to contain at least as much protein as an egg does, if not more.

So if you are someone who is indeed looking to the ideal and the ultimate source of proteins to get, smarter, sharper and even stronger, look no further and make spirulina your go-to supplement, right away!

Sunova Spirulina Tablets

Sunova Spirulina is an all-in-one super nutrient that is derived from a tiny water plant – Spirulina and is advised to be taken as two tablets per day. No doubt, since the ancient times, Spirulina has been mankind's most powerful source of nutrition proclaimed as the Superfood of future by NASA. It is the richest source of protein, vitamins, minerals, beta carotene, antioxidants and other nutrients missing in our diet.

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