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EPD/Prescription Drugs - Significance In Health Industry!


We have often heard the term over the counter (OTC), which is basically obtaining our choice of medicine directly from the pharmacist, without producing a prescription slip. Although these over the counter medications might come handy in providing temporary or total relief from minor, everyday problems such as a headache, mild fever, common cold, slight sprain, external wounds, etc.; yet it is not advisable to go in for these in case of chronic health conditions. The medications that aim at controlling and curing those health conditions come strictly under the category of EPD, commonly known as prescription drugs.

Prescription Drugs

Just as the name suggests, prescription drugs are those that need to mandatorily be prescribed by an authorised physician or a medical practitioner in order to treat, cure or provide relief from given ailments. Prescription drugs are especially aimed at curing and controlling a number of chronic as well as acute health conditions. These could include those associated with cardiovascular health, depression, hypertension, osteoporosis, dermatology and skin care, gynaecology, oncology, diabetes, dental health, kidney function among others. The idea behind getting a prescribed medicine is to ensure that the medicine is, in fact, safe and apt for the patient, along with the fact that it is being taken exactly as recommended. And the prescription usually mentions the time, dosage as well as frequency of the medication to be taken.

Benefits of EPD

There are various advantages to this.

  • These helps provide relief from the symptoms by allowing us to derive maximum benefits.
  • EPD drugs significantly reduce the chances of the symptoms from getting any worse.
  • These also serve as a means of complementary treatment in case of ongoing or recently conducted surgeries or medical procedures.

Thus there is less wonder as to why these prescription drugs take up a significant space in the big, wide and an ever-emerging healthcare industry.

Any precautions needed?

  • Once the course has completed or the symptoms have subsided, it is advised to not reuse any remaining, leftover medication, unless advised otherwise.
  • Also, it is important to understand that not taking those medicines exactly as prescribed, and refraining from taking precautions as advised, might cost dearly in the long run. Thus, a casual approach is the last thing you should be maintaining.
  • Lastly, obtaining and consuming these drugs without a valid prescription is downright illegal and can, in fact, even lead to some serious health repercussions.

The Role of Natural Herbs in Healthcare

Interestingly, there are many health promoting herbs and plant extracts that have proved to be beneficial and effective at curing or at least controlling a variety of serious ailments at their early stages, such as cancer, diabetes, depression, asthma, thrombocytopenia, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation, etc. In fact, we might as well find a trace of these in the medicines we could be consuming. Let us zoom in on some prominent and extremely promising ones

  • Turmeric is a wonder of an herb which actually exhibits some significant anti-inflammatory properties. That makes an apt, all-natural choice to gain relief from the pain and swelling associated with so many health conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, etc.
  • The extract obtained from Papaya leaves, on the other hand, is an excellent source of boosting the platelet count during dengue.
  • In case of diabetes, consuming Berberine extract on a regular basis goes a long way in regulating our blood glucose levels.
  • Boswellia serrata, also known as Shallaki, significantly contributes in providing relief from bone disorders, including pain, swelling, stiffness and soreness.

Authentic healing

These traditional yet all-natural means of medication not only provide significant relief, but they also boost our immunity, offer minimum to no side-effects, and are more economical when compared to the commercial counterparts. While they might sometimes work as stand-alone, alternative medication, yet in severe cases, complementing these with scientific medications might be required. Nonetheless, these much tried and tested herbal remedies do go a long way in promoting natural healing from common as well as chronic illnesses, while aiming for a holistic, overall treatment.

Sanat Health Care Product Division

The EPD/Prescription Drugs offered by Sanat products ltd is a diverse basket of over 25 products encompassing a wide therapeutic mix covering significant chronic and acute segments aimed at preventing, treating and also curing diseases. While the leading brand, UPLAT, helps to overcome the problem of thrombocytopenia, Turmix is believed to be the only treatment option for pre-cancerous lesions including Sub-mucous fibrosis, Oral leukoplakia & Lichen planus. Among other drugs, CHIKVNILTM is an orally administered dietary supplement recommended in Chikungunya virus infection and there is effective healthcare solution delivered with Prostonil which contains saw palmetto extract recommended as a therapeutic remedy for urinary dysfunction due BPH. Dianova containing Berberine is used effectually in Diabetes mellitus, similarly NUNERVE-LM is an ideal composition for Cardiovascular diseases and muscle/leg cramps and Jointil is an extremely effective blend of purified essential oils for effective joint care.

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