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Lower your cholesterol with these 7 easy -to -implement strategies

Keeping your heart healthy is very necessary and high cholesterol is a prominent indication that your heart is high on risk. To lead a lifestyle with no obligation of a hampered heart, we have brought to you some easy to adopt techniques that'll pave your way towards a healthy heart:
  • Get on your toes: Exercise is a very efficient way to solve most of your health problems. Get up in the morning and carve out some time for yoga or aerobics to start the day with blooming energy. Going for a jog or walk in the park every evening will be highly beneficial and prosperous for your health as well.
  • Say no to saturated fats: Studies suggest that saturated fat is the main culprit behind high cholesterol level and severe heart diseases. Foods high on saturated fat are cheese, butter, coconut, baking chocolate, fish oil, pepperoni etc. It'll be beneficial for people with increased cholesterol to avoid eating these foods as much as possible to improve their heart's well being.
  • Sunova Bioslim: Sunova Bioslim, an initiative by Sanat, contains the finest herbs and plant extracts that promote weight loss without any side effect. These set of capsules also promote cholesterol reduction, increase in metabolic rate, decrement in false hunger and reduction in conversion of carbohydrates to fat. What sets it apart from other drugs is that it?s a purely natural initiative with absolutely no side effects at all.
  • Get ready to shed some kilos: Excess weight is also a significant reason behind higher cholesterol levels and heart diseases. For this reason, make note of your fat intake because it not only increases your risk of a heart attack, but as it is dense in calories, your chances of type 2 diabetes increase as well. So folks, it's time to get moving, not only for a superb physique but also a healthy heart.
  • Go green: Green tea is a healthier and more beneficial alternative to aerated beverages and caffeine. Green tea contains all the supplements that lower LDL cholesterol. Not only does it regulate your cholesterol but it also provides to you a cleansed and blooming body mechanism.
  • Quit "the" addiction: This is a burglar alarm for anybody who's addicted to smoking- quit now! Smoking increases your HDL cholesterol and makes you more vulnerable for heart diseases to knock at your door.
  • Manage your fibre intake: Fibre is known to have a cholesterol lowering effect so it's recommended to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can because not only are they high in fibre, but also low on saturated fat.

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