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Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds that fight the free radicals in our body and neutralise the damage done by them. And they are no doubt a boon for the health of our skin. This is because they actually help to increase our natural immunity against anything that speeds up the ageing process. Besides, the antioxidants also help protect the collagen, thereby reducing skin damage and inflammation. Hence, there is certain need to invest in something that fights the free radicals and as well neutralises their effect on our body. Antioxidants present in the natural herbal constituents like Neem, Aloe vera and Spirulina are believed to protect the cellular damage affecting our skin, caused by free radicals, which may happen because of your skin exposure to pollution, smoke, excessive sunlight, or course of the ageing skin.


The antiseptic as well as antioxidant contained in Neem shield the skin against free radicals and save the skin largely from the environmental damage. While Neem is rich in Vitamin C, the Neem extract containing Nimbinin as active constituent stimulates collagen production in the skin and provides antioxidant cover to protect it against free radicals. Neem not only helps in curing skin ailments like dermatitis eczema, acne, bacterial and fungal infections and other skin disorders; it is also used for skin care and for providing blood purifying benefits.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains some powerful antioxidant properties, which help to protect the skin by decreasing or even completely inhibiting the production of the free radicals which tend to damage the skin. Although you would need to use organic and fresh Aloe vera extract to boost your skin health, lighten your blemishes and any marks on the face, this natural herb certainly is a must feature to be included in your skincare routine as it aids in cleansing your skin both from inside as well as outside. Apart from using it topically on the skin, drinking the Aloe extract in form of Aloe vera juice is also extremely effective. Available easily in various marketplaces, it serves well as a practical, whole food supplement. Not only this, owing to the abundant health properties, the aloe vera juice is generally also recommended to be used in case of diseases like osteoarthritis, asthma, diabetes, constipation and bowel diseases, stomach ulcers and fever etc.


Spirulina, the blue-green algae, contains vitamin E, selenium and tyrosine, which are all known for powerful skin vitalising as well as anti-aging effects. It is mainly the antioxidants present in tyrosine in Spirulina, which eliminates free radicals and slows down the aging of skin cells. The trace mineral called Selenium works particularly well in combination with vitamin E, and together they help maintain the protective coating of our skin. On the other hand, the natural component of Tyrosine present in Spirulina, promotes the production of collagen as well as melanin, thereby nourishing the skin from deep within. Also, the topical application of Vitamin E oil helps in treating dark spots, deep cleansing and moisturising, reduced dark circles, etc. The same is also available to be consumed in the form of dietary supplements.

These lifestyle habits could help

  • You need to splash some cold water on your face first thing in the morning. This also helps with proper blood circulation.
  • On the other hand, drinking plenty of water in a day will naturally moisturise and hydrate your skin, preventing it from appearing tired, dry or slightly dull.
  • You need to make effective lifestyle transitions while taking care of your sleep as well as exercise routine.
  • Another perfect necessity is to be diligent about your make-up removal. Not removing makeup after a nice evening out, could clog your skin pores, thus resulting into a skin breakout.

Diet tips for glowing skin

  • Apple cider vinegar may be taken which is good for cleansing the skin and for preventing acne on your body and face.
  • Another good example for taking care of your skin is raw honey, which not only holds the properties to refresh and revitalize the skin, it is also good to protect your skin from scars and burns.
  • Green tea is also a rich antioxidant which frees your skin from radical damage related premature ageing and acne. Antioxidants also lower the DTH levels, the acne producing hormones.
  • Also, periodic and professional skin consultation and also, using clinically recommended products like sunscreen lotions or face wash to protect from pimples and acne.

Sanat Natural Glow

Natural Glow Capsules from the house of Sanat products ltd are specially acclaimed for skin rejuvenation properties. Composed of essential skincare natural ingredients like spirulina platensis, neem leaf extract and gamma linolenic acid; these capsules are believed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin from within, as well as provide natural assistance of slowing down the process of ageing as well as enhancing healing of skin.

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