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Nature has bestowed us with a variety of herbs that are not only high on their health - promoting quotient, but also offer some incredible weight loss benefits. Here’s a quick rundown on some of these, before we discuss, at length, the benefits of Garcinia cambogia and Green coffee beans, two of the most promising natural remedies for weight loss and weight management!

  • Ginger – This herb enhances digestion, increases the rate of metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant.
  • Turmeric – The presence of curcumin, one of turmeric’s most active compounds, helps in achieving fat loss.
  • Fenugreek – Its consumption, in fresh or dry form, allows bringing down our appetite, thus preventing us from putting on any unwanted pounds.
  • Cinnamon – The use of cinnamon in food brings about results in decreasing the amount of blood glucose, thus preventing any excessive gain of weight.
  • Cardamom – This particular herb, apart from bringing about weight loss benefits, also makes the whole process all the more delicious and flavoursome for frequent consumption.
  • Cumin – This is another promising herb that makes way for a gradual weight loss. We can either add roasted cumin seeds or powder to our food, or consume a warm glass of water with some cumin added to it.
  • Black Pepper – The presence of Piperine in this particular herb allows us to burn fat and reduces more weight at the end of the day by increasing our body’s temperature. It also prevents any excessive formation of fat cells in the body.

Weight loss with Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a small, yellow coloured pumpkin shaped fruit which is becoming increasingly popular as an effective weight loss supplement. Also known as Malabar tamarind, this tropical fruit is especially native to India and Southeast Asia. The peel of this fruits is especially known for helping us reduce weight and burn calories. The results, in fact, are claimed to be visible in a matter of four to six weeks. Garcinia owes its weight loss property to the presence of hydroxytric acid (HCA) in the peel of the fruit, which happens to be the most active ad effective ingredient of this plant.

Weight loss with Green coffee

Just like the name suggests, green coffee beans are the beans that haven’t quite been roasted yet. It contains a lot less caffeine when compared to the regular, roasted and processes form of coffee that we consume. For that very reason, even the extract obtained from green coffee beans happens to be one of the most promising weight loss supplements available in the markets these days.

The unique antioxidant activity of these phytochemicals called Chlorogenic acid (CGA) present in unroasted coffee beans works in a number of ways. While it boosts our immunity and increases our sensitivity towards insulin, it also contains anti -inflammatory properties that protect our heart, and last but not the least, allows us to lose weight, all but naturally.

  • Green coffee is believed to be helpful in preventing the accumulation of excessive and unnecessary fat on our body.
  • It also helps in accelerating the process of fat digestion and therefore enhances the rate of metabolism.
  • The presence of CGA in the Green coffee beans also help regulate the hormones generally triggered by obesity.
  • Not only this, it helps in bringing down excessive absorption of sugar in our body, thus preventing us from putting on the additional weight.
  • Lastly, it also keeps us miles away from those frequent hunger bouts.

All these benefits together make ‘green coffee’ a healthier and a rather hot choice among the weight conscious people.

Self-care is necessary

However, thanks to this very constitution, the extract can cure a whole host of other inflammatory conditions as well. Let us have a look at some of these:

  • Consuming plenty of water all through the day remains the best bet in your attempt at weight loss.
  • Reducing the intake of added processed sugar in diet also helps
  • You can generally replace your sugar intake with honey or other natural forms of sugar, such as stevia, etc.
  • Besides, including a variety of healthy food and snacks, while cutting down on processed foods can make a whole lot of difference over a period of time.
  • No matter what food choice you may be making for yourself or which diet plan you might be following at the end of the day, it remains significant to complement the same with an active lifestyle.

Sunova Bioslim Tablets

Bioslim tablets from the house of Sunova, Sanat products ltd are indicated in the case of obesity and effective weight management. These are regarded to be an effective aid controlling weight gain and are good aid in staying slim naturally. The dosage and directions for use of Bioslim tablets conveys that one tablet needs to be taken twice in a day preferably half an hour before meals. The main constituents of this product include the natural herbal ingredients like Garcinia cambogia, Green Coffee and Piper nigrum

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