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Migraine: Do's and don'ts

Migraine is one of the most under-treated diseases which is believed to be caused on account of hormonal imbalance or genetic factors. Apparently, nobody has been able to figure out the real cause of migraine headaches, but undoubtedly they are chronic in nature and severe. Migraine headaches can last for prolonged intervals of time with throbbing pain at one side or both sides of the head. People suffering from migraine are sensitive towards sound and light and feel exhausted through a large portion of their day. Here are some do's and don'ts to help you refine your lifestyle when you're already battling with a migraine attack.
  • Improve your diet : If you are suffering from migraine, it becomes paramount to pay special attention to your diet. Your body becomes extremely vulnerable while you have a pulsating pain at the back of your head, and you also need to prepare your body for the heavy doses of medication. Thus, consult your doctor for a diet plan.
  • Analyze the migraine triggers : Substances or foods that cause the headache to aggravate are known as migraine triggers. Some common foods that might aggravate your pain are Beef, red wine, beer, hot dogs, aspartame, cheese(blue cheese), citrus fruits, yeast, strawberry, chocolate, yogurt, ice cream etc.
  • Get on your toes : Exercising is a pick-me-up for almost every health problem. Yoga is the key to a relaxed and stress free day. Yoga is known to relieve most migraine patients from throbbing pain and refine their lifestyle for better health prospects. Start your day with yoga and see how it blooms with each passing hour.
  • Avoid skipping meals : A person suffering from migraine should avoid fasting and skipping meals. Maintain a regular meal scheme with absolutely no alterations based on your work schedule or anything. The worst decision you can make is compromising on your diet when your already have a hammering pain in your head.
  • Thrash the exhaustion : It's observed that migraine headache takes away all your energy and enthusiasm when it finally decides to leave for the day. So to fight back with utmost might we need to coin a remedy for the fatigue and exhaustion that you face. Sunova Spirulina Life is the key to nourishment, growth and your well being. With absolutely no side effects, spirulina is a low fat, low calorie, cholesterol free protein, & is not loaded with the fat, calories & cholesterol of meat & dairy protein. It's a one-in-all herbal supplement that keeps your body nourished and energized and fights away fatigue, stress and exhaustion.
  • Avoid temperature change and direct sunlight : It's advisable to avoid frequent temperature change as it may trigger your migraine headache and make the situation difficult. Also, use sunglasses, umberellas etc while stepping out in the sun because eexcessive heat and sunlight can also trigger migraine.
  • Relax : Work light, go easy and avoid tension as much as you can. Stress is known for aggravating migraine, so relax and keep calm. Nothing is more important than your health- neither to you, nor to us. To kick away the pangs, first try and relax yourself and adopt a stress free lifestyle.
We know how severe migraine attacks are and thus we advise you to pay attention to your lifestyle and modify it as much as you can to bid goodbye to the throbbing pain. Get minimum 6-8 hours of sleep everyday, avoid stress, eat healthy and pave your way to a healthier being.

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