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Stevia Leaf Extract Does Not Affect Blood Sugar Levels


Stevia is a smart choice that is fast replacing the processed sugar and the artificial sugars. No wonder why this leaf is increasingly being used on the commercial front as well in a variety of food products as a low-calorie and health-savvy substitute for sugar, such as in dairy-based desserts, flavoured drink, carbonated water, ready-to-eat cereals, jams and squashes etc. The fact that stevia is also a potent source of antioxidants makes it all the more tempting and desirable by weight-conscious and health-savvy people.

What is Stevia?

Derived from the leaves of the plant called as Stevia rebaudiana, stevia is an extract which is fast becoming a popular food ingredient among health savvy people all over the world. Steviol glycosides, its active compounds, make this extract a whopping 100 to 300 times sweeter in taste when compared to processed sugar or artificially produced sweeteners.

Goodness of Stevia

Replacing sugar with stevia does more good to our health as well as our taste buds than we could ever imagine. Given the fact that it actually ranks higher on the sweetness quotient, this natural sweetener is, in fact, making news as the next big thing in the market, especially for those suffering from diabetes. Wondering how? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

Brings down and maintains sugar levels

People who are diabetic often complain of suffering from elevated blood sugar levels, especially and immediately after having a meal. Although it is hard for diabetics to avoid sugar products altogether, as even the normal food that they eat has the ability to affect their blood glucose levels owing to the presence of calories and carbohydrates. The reason could be either that their body is unable to produce enough insulin (the hormone that controls and regulates the amount of glucose in the blood), or that it has stopped responding to this particular hormone. Whichever the case may be, it is a matter of serious concern if our blood glucose levels continue to rise, or grow beyond a certain point. Eventually, this could lead to some chronic cardiovascular as well as renal problems, etc. Hence, there is a need for something which manages to keep our blood sugar levels unaffected, irrelevant to the amount or the frequency of consuming it. And this is precisely where stevia leaf extract comes to use. And unlike other sweeteners, the consumption of stevia leaf extract rarely raises our blood sugar levels. In fact, it rather helps in bringing it down among those suffering from type II diabetes, soon after a meal. Stevia, in fact, helps enhance the process of metabolism, thus aiding a smooth conversion of the glucose to energy. Also, it does not affect our body’s response to insulin in any manner.

Several healthcare benefits

Whether we talk about mixing into desserts or beverages, people from all age groups are actively using Stevia as a natural substitute for sugar and similar sweeteners. Interestingly, we can also use the same in everyday cooking and baking.

It is evident that there are numerous healthcare benefits of Stevia leaf extract. As Stevia is a natural sweetener, it has been used for long to add sweet taste to the food and beverages. Yet, it is also stated that only some of its parts like the leaf extract are useful for human consumption. However one imperative fact of the herb is that Stevia is safe, as it is completely natural and chemical free.

Free from side effects

Unlike the processed sugar, stevia is non-nutritive, and therefore, zero-calorie dietary ingredient. It tends to satiate our appetite to quite an extent, thus preventing us from overindulging. This also aids the process of weight loss. Besides, being entirely plant derived, this extract is absolutely safe for consumption and has no major side effects.

People belonging to the regions of Brazil, Paraguay, Japan and even China have been using this sweet old herb for hundreds of years now. In fact, various traditional systems of medication, including Ayurveda, also recommend the stevia leaf extract as an herbal supplement for a variety of purposes other than regulating blood glucose levels, such as treating burns, addressing stomach disorders and gastrointestinal problems etc.

There is every reason why we should replace table sugar with this natural and healthful sweetener, without taking away any sweetness from our lives! So go ahead and indulge yourself in all the sweetness that you deserve by introducing the sheer goodness of stevia in your life, without compromising on taste and good health.

Sunova Dr. Shugar

Dr. Shugar is healthy natural sweetener made primarily from Stevia leaf extract and is a great help for weight management, while also being safe for the diabetics. This is believed to be a potent anti-oxidant which combats free radicals as well as protects the cells from oxidative damage

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