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Can Piper nigrum help in weight loss?


Piper nigrum, also known as black pepper or kali mirch, is an incredible spice that is unmistakably found in the kitchen as well as on the dining tables of almost every household worldwide. Powdered form of this culinary as well as curing spice is often used as seasoning, which adds a unique spicy taste and an earthy flavour to the dish, thus making it all the more delectable as well as palatable. Whereas, on the health front as well, Piper nigrum has gained quite some reputation, as this particular pepper comes packed with a variety of nutrients. These include vitamins (A, C, E, K, B6 and riboflavin), minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium etc.), protein, dietary fibre as well as some health fortifying fatty acids. An active compound, known as Piperine, is what lends this spice a unique flavour along with a host of the health promoting properties!

Incredible Healthcare Efficiency

  • Black pepper is a rich source of antioxidants. These not only help delay the premature signs of ageing, but also make us more immune against a whole host of diseases.
  • It also acts as an effective antimicrobial agent and is used to cure infections as well as insect bites.
  • If you happen to be suffering from cold or a sore throat, black pepper powder comes quite handy.
  • It helps in extracting the best of nutrients from various foods that we consume, along with their better absorption in our body, since the presence of piperine also increases the sheer bioavailability of those nutrients.
  • Piper nigrum also helps in preventing the health issues arising out of gut.
  • Besides, it prevents constipation, flatulence and diarrhoea while promoting the process of detoxification by means of sweating and urination.
  • What else, Piper nigrum also helps improve the health of our skin from deep within.

Weight Loss with Piper nigrum

Apart from these, there is another major advantage allocated to black pepper. Whoever would have imagined that this spice could also help us lose weight and get rid of that stubborn fat?

Actually, the consumption of some black pepper helps inhibit the process of excessive fat accumulation in the body. Adipose tissue, also known as the fat tissue, is a crucial part of the body which, along with various other functions, is also responsible for storing energy in our body, often in the form of fat. However, an excess of adipose tissue would mean that more and more energy is being stored and therefore, more fat is being accumulated on the body. Also known as adipogenesis, this process is closely associated with weight gain and obesity. By acting against adipogenesis, black pepper not only fights the existing fat in our body, but also fights the formation of new fatty tissues by interfering with the genes responsible for this process.

Spicy foods are as it is known to enhance digestion, owing largely to their thermogenic properties. By working at the molecular level, Piperine significantly aids the process of digestion, thus boosting and revving up the overall metabolism in our body. In fact, the consumption of just about a pinch of black pepper or Piper nigrum helps in secreting good amount of hydrochloric acid in our body, which in turn allows a convenient and complete digestion of proteins. Therefore, regular intake of this low-calorie spice in particular helps burn more calories at the end of the day.

Black Pepper in Everyday Diet

We could incorporate the goodness of the spice of Piper nigrum in diet in various forms, such as black pepper tea, adding a pinch of powdered black pepper in beverage, fruit juice or low - calorie smoothie of our choice, consuming a glass of lukewarm water with some black pepper in it, or just chewing on some black peppercorns first thing in the morning. Alternatively, just sprinkle some on your salad along with some salt and lemon juice to make your salad all the more delicious and flavoursome. You can also have it with some honey and water in order to make it easy on the tongue.

However, the spice of Piper nigrum needs to be consumed in moderation, without going overboard. If you have not been taking this spice for a long time and wish to start using it now, you may begin with consuming it gradually, and see the difference it makes to your taste buds and your overall health.

Sunova Bioslim

Sunova Bioslim is unique blend of herbal extracts which aid in staying naturally slim. Containing Piper nigrum extract along with essential ingredients like Garcinia cambogia and Green coffee beans, this product supports weight loss naturally. Piper nigrum essentially charges the entire herb combination providing the power of enhancing their bioavailability. Taking one tablet of Sunova Bioslim twice a day is believed to provide you with sufficient support for obesity & weight management

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