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Spirulina helps obtain Vitamin B12 for enhancing Energy Levels


Also known as Cobalamin and more commonly as the energy vitamin, vitamin B 12 is definitely an important nutrient for our overall growth and well - being. Our body needs an optimum amount of this nutrient in order to create and develop the genetic material and perform DNA synthesis. Apart from being required for proper formation of RBCs in our blood, this particular member of the vitamin B family also looks after the health of the nerve cells, thus supporting and promoting a healthy neurological function. Besides, the presence of this essential micronutrient in our body boosts our energy levels, contributes to the adrenal function and makes way for a smooth metabolism. Not only this, it also promotes the efficient functioning of our brain and the immune system.

Lack of vitamin B 12

Any lack of vitamin B 12 in our body can lead to deficiency symptoms, the most common being pernicious anaemia. Chronic fatigue, frequent exhaustion, lethargy, moodiness, weak muscles, dizziness, brain fog, rapid or irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, etc. are few symptoms associated with this ailment. Besides, severe lack of this particular vitamin could lead to a loss of memory, a confused state of being, dementia and even some serious health repercussions, such as an irreversible neurological disorder. Maintaining optimum levels of vitamin B 12, therefore, becomes all the more essential.

Animal-based sources of vitamin B 12

There are various animal-based foods which offer an abundant availability of this vitamin. Organ meats such as beef liver, clams, eggs, poultry, meat, shellfish, turkey, oysters, chicken, trout, and salmon, etc. contain a considerably large amount of vitamin B 12. Eggs, on the other hand, are not only effective at providing us a whole day’s worth of this nutrient, but are also cheap source. This vitamin, however, comes bound to protein in these foods. It, therefore, takes a particular manner for our body to digest this water -soluble vitamin. First, the presence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach allows separation of this vitamin from the protein it generally comes attached with. Thereafter, this nutrient is combined with the protein that’s present in our stomach, known as the intrinsic factor. It is only then that the vitamin B 12 gets absorbed by our body.

All - Natural Sources and Supplements for Vegans and Vegetarians

Since, most of these sources are animal-derived, vegetarians and vegans often have to compromise and end up suffering from vitamin B 12 deficiency. Yet, in order to combat this problem, there are a few food options such as fortified breakfast cereals, grain and bean products available nowadays that contain synthesized form of Vitamin B 12. These have a high bioavailability and are therefore more easily and readily absorbed by our body. And thus this vitamin can be taken as a dietary supplement. Although, for the vegetarians, choice could be fairly reasonable. This is because milk and dairy products also contain sufficient amount of vitamin B 12. Cottage cheese, for example, is a good source of this vitamin and contains very few calories. Skimmed or low fat milk is another great option which comes loaded with a variety of other health benefits, apart from also providing us with vitamin B 12. Other natural sources of vitamin B 12 such as miso, white button mushrooms, tempeh, etc. can also be tried an included in our diet in combinations, as long as they ensure an optimum amount of vitamin B 12.

Spirulina is supportive aid

Interestingly, certain mushrooms, sea-weed and algae such as nori, naturally produced chlorella, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, AFA, etc. are known to contain traces of cobalamin. In fact, the blue-green algae called as Spirulina, which actually happens to be a type of cyanobacteria, is believed to contain some two to three times more the amount of the vitamin B 12, as compared to beef liver. Spirulina is therefore understood to be a supportive aid for gaining this specific vitamin as it does contain Methylcobalamin, which has high bioavailability.

Is it sufficient?

Yet at the same time, vegans cannot solely rely on the use of spirulina to make up for a B 12 deficiency, nonetheless, it is a good idea to supplement your daily diet with this superfood since it contains a whole host of other healthy nutrients as well as essential antioxidants.

Sunova organic spirulina capsule

The power supplement Sunova Spirulina improves strength of body to keep us energetic and active. Spirulina is the power house because of its nutritional authority. It has powerful nutrients that can have wonderful effect on both your body and brain. It is loaded with 60% Protein, ten vital Vitamins, numerous essential minerals and powerful antioxidants. Spirulina also contain Vitamin B12 which according to Sanat is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose in the body, thus leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy in the body.

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