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Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Offers Relief in Pollution Related Health Hazards


The rising level of air pollution has surely risen health alarm and a sign of grave concern for us all. Even the health conscious people are not completely protected from its ill-effects such as respiratory irritation, or difficulty in breathing, in general. People who frequently perform outdoor activities or exercises are all the more prone to common and adverse health issues when outside home. At a severe level, high air pollution levels can aggravate your health risk of acquiring a cardiovascular and respiratory illness, adding stress to heart and lungs as you pump more oxygen in a polluted air environment; eventually leading to damage to the respiratory system.

Typical health issue with pollution

Long-term health impacts, due to continual exposure to polluted air, can be both serious and severe. Some of these include, quick ageing of the lungs, decrease in lung capacity and its function, developing and acquiring symptoms of diseases like asthma and bronchitis leading to an increased possibility of cancer. In addition, bad quality of air also makes the individuals with heart disease, or the pregnant woman, the elderly, children and individuals with lung disease more venerable and susceptible to worsening health conditions.

Some definite signs

The common signs and symptoms of air pollution on your health would include lower immunity levels due to microbes present in the air, occasional inflamed throat and irritated airways leading to frequent coughing, chest congestion, wheezing and difficulty in breathing due to lack of fresh air and oxygen, and more.

The help

The most workable solution to protect your wellbeing is to guard the health of your lungs and also boost your immunity to battle the harmful toxins present in the air. An effective, safe and secure way to maintaining good health is through herbal support. One of the best herbs among the variety, to strengthen immunity and tackle respiratory issues, is Haridra (Curcuma longa - botanical name). Haridra or Haldi is the Hindi name for turmeric as we popularly know it, and it has many distinct benefits for your health to mitigate the effects of air pollution on your health.

How Turmeric aids in pollution conditions

  1. Haldi (turmeric) is a natural anti-oxidant. This means it protects your respiratory system and lungs from pollution and harmful toxins in the air. It does so by transmitting more oxygen from lungs to the blood, and hence, helping your heart pump more blood and oxygen. Haridra has been conventionally used as a natural remedy to treat asthma and get rid of irritant cough. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who are asthmatic.
  2. Turmeric is a nutrient powerhouse consisting of essential nutrients to boost the imperative functions of the body organs and overall health of an individual. It contains vitamin A, B, C and vitamin E to reduce allergic respiratory disorders like bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and also, some skin allergies. While combating the malady of allergic rhinitis which many a times crops up due to environmental allergies, there is definite relief in the symptoms of runny or itchy nose, frequent sneezing and congestion in the nasal passage.
  3. Haldi is also a natural detoxifier, and helps in flushing out toxins from your blood to reduce skin problems. Pollutants in the air can be harmful to your skin. It thus helps in maintaining good skin health and enhancing the skin complexion.
  4. Turmeric also contains carotenoids, the natural plant pigments, which are converted into a high dose of vitamin A to help boost the immune system and fight the free radicals which damage body cells.
  5. Curcumin is also helpful in reducing airway inflammation due to its antioxidant properties. It helps in combating oxidative stress leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is a group of diseases that impede airflow to the lungs. Chronic bronchitis, which can happen due to bad air quality, is one form of COPD disease.
  6. It can inhibit the mutagenicity of the carcinogenic chemicals released during the burning of cigarette smoke and carbon-based fuels such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Turmeric can therefore prevent the multiplication of leukaemia cells.
  7. There is medical evidence to suggest that turmeric could reduce the risk of childhood leukaemia. The disease is fast developing among children below the age of 5 years and it is a direct result of environmental pollutants. Curcumin can mitigate the effects of some of the risk factors by inhibiting carcinogenic chemical mutation in our genes. It is vital to note that the polluted air that we breathe is now being recognised and classified as carcinogenic (cancer-causing agent). According to a WHO report, outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer and is also linked to an increased risk for bladder cancer.

Sunova Curcumin-500

The Sunova Curcumin-500 capsules which are blend of standardized Curcumin extract 95% and piperine extract 95%, and believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidant providing reasonable and effective relief from pollution related health issues.

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