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7 Tricks to say good bye to body fat this summer

Sunny days, water rides, pool parties, beach volleyball- summers have always been my favorite, and they are here! Does this make you dream about wearing peplum dresses and a perfect bikini body? Don't fret, folks! We have coined some easy tricks to bid adieu to those love handles.
  • Purchase your motivation : Surf through the perfect dresses and the gorgeous maxis skirts, and buy something that'll inspire you to shape your body for it. Nothing haunts us women like the things that didn't fit us well, and here is the mantra to start with a kick. A look at the dress every day, and your desire to fit in burns even brighter!
  • Kick away the addictions : Be it a bar of hazelnut chocolate or puffs of cigarette in the lawn- abstain. Researches show that people who have managed to control cravings have shed a generous amount of weight. Hit the gym, keep yourself busy and there you attain your goal.
  • Manage your meals : It's very important to have proper meals at the proper time so that you do not indulge into over eating later on. Also, proper meals with balanced carbs will keep you energetic throughout the day and keep you from chomping on junk food.
  • What Sanat has to offer : As always, Sanat's objective has been to help it's customers to achieve better health and fitness goals, and this is why we have come up with 'Sunova Bioslim'- the most efficient natural way to weight management. Its active ingredients decrease false hunger, reduce the conversion of carbs into fat, increase energy levels and also reduce cholesterol.
  • Get on your toes : For weight management a balanced diet is not the only factor to pay attention to. Exercise plays a vital role as well. Nothing will benefit you if you continue to keep a sedentary lifestyle, and that is why, it is important to go outside, breathe some fresh air and get your body moving. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling and aerobics are a few exercises which you can adopt.
  • Manage your calorie intake : Have cakes dripping with chocolate proved to you how overriding your sweet tooth is? Well, there should be a way in which you could have cakes without gaining too many calories. This is why Sunova has brought to you Dr.Shugar, constituting of Stevia leaf extracts, a completely natural way to cut down on your calorie intake but at the same time honor your sweet tooth.
  • Not King size every time : Whenever you go out to an eating joint, remember how excess of everything is harmful and the bag of fries won't help you fit into the clothing that just won't fit you. Therefore, manage the quantity of fast food you eat and don't over do the meal size no matter how mouth watering it seems.
Good luck getting the perfect beach wear this summer after all the love handles you'd shed!

Dr. Sonica Krishan

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