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Ipriflavone - Effective In Bone Resorption & Benefits In Osteoporosis & Menopause


Ipriflavone is one of those synthetic derivatives, obtained from soya isoflavones, which are used to offer a great deal of benefits to those suffering from various bone related problems. Studies indicate that its regular although recommended consumption helps in preventing the symptoms of osteoporosis, a common bone problem faced by women.

What is osteoporosis?

Saw palmetto also contains polysaccharides, a kind of sugar that helps provide relief from inflammation – one of the common causes behind various health problems these days. Owing to this particular property, saw palmetto is one plant that is gaining an especially distinct place both in the prevention and cure of what is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Supportive therapy for osteoporosis

This, however, is a gradual process and only begins to surface when the damage has taken place to some extent. And the only thing that can then be done is preventing any further damage from taking place. Or, we could always take steps way in advance to prevent osteoporosis from occurring in the first place. Now, there could be several reasons behind the emergence of osteoporosis, especially among women.


However, the most probable among these is menopause - a natural condition that women anywhere in the age group of 45-55 experience. Menopause leads to a significant drop in oestrogen – the female hormone, thus allowing the osteo-clasts to absorb and erode more bone mass than before. No wonder why it has been observed that women tend to lose about 10-12 percent of their overall bone mass during the very first year of their menopause. Therefore, it is important for women to start taking special care of their bones, way before they hit menopause.

Other causes

Besides, age plays a great role in a possible emergence of this problem, and so do the dietary as well as lifestyle choices we make in our lives, such as excessive smoking. Certain kinds of medication may also lead to apparent symptoms of osteoporosis. Whatever the case may be, it is being highly recommended to all, especially to women, to increase their intake of calcium as they age, and also that of vitamin D so as to absorb that very calcium.

Take to Ipriflavone

At the same time, including ipriflavone in our diet does go a long way in curbing the complications arising from osteoporosis. However, please understand that once one is diagnosed with osteoporosis, isoflavones do not help in getting complete rid of the problem. But, nonetheless, they do slow down the damaging action of osteo-clasts, also known as the bone-eroding cells, thus promoting the activity of osteoblasts in building up some bone mass so as to make up for the loss.  In fact, when these osteoblasts come in contact with ipriflavone, there is a significant stimulation in the cellular process of bone-matrix proteins and bone-mineral deposition.

Even more benefits

Besides, it is believed that this soy plant derivative is also curative in nature and treats the general weakness in the bones arising due to one reason or the other. While it increases the bone calcium retention, it also inhibits the gradual breakdown of our bones. Ipriflavone also allows us in getting rid of the pain and swelling associated with the bone / joint, and reverses the process of bone loss, especially among the older women. Studies across the world indicate that this plant derivative exhibits some incredible inhibiting properties in case of bone resorption. It also helps maintain healthy levels of bone density, which normally tend to fall with growing age. Its regular consumption allows improved bone / joint mobility among people who have troubled joints. For these reasons alone, ipriflavone is being touted as one of the most promising bone building agents. And this is not all! It has been observed that even bodybuilders and heavy weight lifters include some ipriflavone in their diet so as to increase their metabolism, and thus build stronger muscles.
Ipriflavone is one of the best available natural alternatives to those strong, bone-building drug treatments. However, it has a tendency to exhibit and increased efficiency when it is administered in combination with other bone-building supplements, such as calcium. In fact, vitamin D and ipriflavone together have exhibited some great results in building the overall bone mineral density. Being a registered treatment for osteoporosis in a number of countries across the world, ipriflavone is an extremely safe substance and its recommended dosage presents no untoward side effects as such. So you could always say hello to healthier bones with ipriflavone. Age, no bar. The earlier you think about it, the better it’s going to be in the long run!

Sanat Refirm

Tab. Refirm is film – coated tablet from the house of Sanat products ltd, which contains Ipriflavone in the dose of about 300 mg along with other essential ingredients. While these tablets are said to be non - hormonal and non- esterogenic, these effectively support bone formation and also prevent the osteoclastic activity.
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