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Natural Sweeteners Benefit In Diabetes And Weight Loss


Sweeteners are basically substances that are added to food products and beverages in order to increase their sweetness, while also increasing their shelf life. Most of these sweeteners are obtained naturally using processed plant extracts, such as that of sugarcane, maple tree, stevia, corn, coconut palm, sugar beets, etc. Needless to say, these natural sweeteners, obtained from plant resources, are way healthier than those manufactured artificially and synthetically in labs.

Stevia - Natural Sweetener

Native primarily to South America, the stevia plant extract is known for its naturally sweet flavour and happens to be one of the most sought after natural sweeteners available. It is an almost zero calorie sweetener, which is known to significantly lower the blood pressure on regular consumption, and by improving the function of insulin in our body, it helps fight the problem of diabetes in the long run. With the rising number of people suffering from sugar of late, especially type II diabetes, the demand for healthy substitutes of sugar, or the natural sweeteners, is also on the rise. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

Benefits diabetics

Firstly, these natural sweeteners are incredibly high on the sweetness factor, and therefore only a small amount tends to be sufficient. These are known to be of great help to those suffering from diabetes, as they aptly satiate the cravings being experienced, and allow them to enjoy a variety of sweets and desserts. And while they are at it, natural sweeteners also do not lead to spikes in the blood sugar levels, thanks to them being low on glycaemic index scale. Regular intake of refined sugar and substitutes, on the other hand, are not only harmful but also highly addictive.

Saves from obesity

Weighing significantly low on their calorie and fructose content, these sweeteners also go a long way in allowing people to lose weight in the most natural and healthy manner. There is no wonder that refined sugar and artificially produced sweeteners are the biggest contributors to obesity. They tend to make us indulge more since the sweetness content in them does not quite satiate our cravings. Naturally, our blood sugar levels rise, and lead the insulin hormone to secrete more glucose from the blood, converting it to glycogen for storage purposes. And as a result, in order to allow metabolism on the cellular level and produce energy, our liver begins to use these glycogens as a fuel source, instead of burning the body fat. This eventually leads to some obvious weight gain and may even lead to obesity.

Weight loss companion

Most of the natural sweeteners such as Stevia, tend to pass out of the body post consumption, without allowing the metabolic processes to break them down and convert into sugar. And therefore, they are not digested by our system, and therefore, do not provide any extra calories. Now that’s one reason why excessive sugar intake should be avoided and the switch could be made to natural sweeteners. Known to be incredibly tooth friendly, these natural sweeteners have remarkably become a popular weight-loss companion among the health conscious people.

Safe to use!

Switching to natural sweeteners is an absolutely safe and healthy bet, since these not only lower the blood sugar level, but also help to regulate the blood pressure. Besides, unlike their synthetic counterparts, their regular consumption does not lead to any side effects, such as obesity, oral health disorders, headache, mood disorders, shrinking of thymus gland, gradual impairment of kidney and liver function, etc. These natural sweeteners are also believed to contain some vitamins, minerals such as iron, calcium, chromium and potassium, as well as a variety of antioxidants. With that said, the use of stevia and similar natural sweeteners is not limited to health food market alone. There are various ways in which these natural sweeteners can be used to raise the sweetness quotient in our everyday lives, especially in their powdered form, such as by adding them to tea, coffee, yogurt, smoothies and other foods and beverages of our choice. These are therefore recommended for people, especially (but not only) for those who are overweight, suffering from diabetes or simply those with a ‘sweet tooth’, to give up on their conventional sugar intake and to start developing a taste for all-natural alternatives.

Sanat Dr. Shugar

Sanat brings to us Dr Shugar from Sanat products ltd is a natural, calorie and chemical free sweetener made from Stevia leaf extract which is believed to be 100% safe and with no known side effects. Dr Shugar is regarded as supportive therapy for the diabetics, hypertensives, weight as well as health conscious people. Moreover using just one sachet per serving of this product provides with the same natural taste as that of sugar and could therefore be added to mouth-watering sweets and desserts.

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