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Struggling to stay awake? Try These Tricks and Beat the midday slump


You have had a highly productive morning - finishing projects, meeting deadlines, motivating subordinates….then suddenly post lunch, you feel tired and realize that you're fighting the urge to pull down the shades, throw on your pajamas and grab a nap. Soon you find yourself struggling to keep awake and can't stop checking the time.
Though it's completely normal to feel lethargic once afternoon rolls out, you might wonder if there are tricks to fix the fatigue and beat the midday slump. So here are seven quick handy tricks:
  • Sip Some Tea - You could try getting into the routine of sipping a mid-afternoon cup of tea or better still - a mug of green tea. With less caffeine than a cup of coffee, green tea provides the perfect pick-me-up to beat the afternoon doldrums. The few quiet moments it entails and the nutritional benefits it offers are good enough to keep you wide-eyed!
  • Step back From the Screen- The long hours you spend staring at the computer screen, add to your tiredness. In order to avoid eyestrain keep a safe distance from the computer screen (about an arm's length). A change of scenery can work as like magic - so run across to your colleague to deliver those papers or camp out in a meeting room. You could even try to sit near a window for some natural light and become more active & alert.
  • Stretch it - A mid-day stretching out regime can be a great way to ward off sleepiness. A handful of desk stretches along with light breathing exercises can provide the much needed oxygen that your sleepy head requires! So stretch it out to boost your productivity.
  • Switch Tasks - Working on the same project continuously for the last five hours? Try switching off and turning to something new. This can help you to stay stimulated and refresh your mind. Also staying on our feet could help avoid drowsiness and increase focus. So stand up and move around, if you've been sitting at your desk all this while.
  • Smaller Lunch - A heavy lunch could be the reason behind your midday fatigue. Opt for a smaller (but satisfying) lunch and remember to eat something with more protein and less carbohydrates (salad, green veggies and pulses are wonderful options) to dodge drowsiness. Avoid consuming sweets after lunch - they may provide instant energy but eventually trigger sleepiness. On the contrary, having 6-8 glasses of water through the day and staying hydrated, can go long way in keeping you awake.
  • Sunova Spirulina Life - Nourishment is the key to energy. One needs nutrients to maintain a healthy body and an active mind. Faulty eating habits are a major cause of mid-afternoon drowsiness. Sunova offers Spirulina Life which contains absorbable proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals, crucial micronutrients and the goodness of amla, required to redress dietary imbalance, battle free radicals and upgrade health. A magnificent natural health supplement, Spirulina Life tablets are very useful for raising vital energy, strength & stamina, while making up for inadequacy in our diet. Providing total rejuvenation of the body, it diminishes weariness and helps you to lead a dynamic life.
Now you can say good bye to the yawns, the heavy eyelids and the drooping shoulders. Use these easy tricks to feel as energized and productive after lunch as you did before.

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