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Natural Goodness of Aloe Vera for Skin Care
Belonging to African origin, Aloe vera is one of those plants that is widely being used for decorative purposes, almost all over the world. Basically a short-stemmed shrub, aloe vera is naturally gifted to exhibit some incredible medicinal...
Mark Holi with Natural Colours of Health
The festival of Holi is round the corner and surely this happens to be one of the most awaited merriments of our country. Although the gala celebration of colours is only a few days away, yet deep down
Wheat Germ Oil - Health Protector & Promoter
For a variety of reasons, wheat germ oil happens to be an extremely healthy option to be included in our everyday diet and lifestyle. As is evident by the name.
Herbal remedies For Nappy Rash
When a little baby starts getting uncomfortable and cranky during peak hours of the day or suddenly bangs in middle of the night, first thing that needs to come to mind is to examine the Nappy.
What All You Need For Healthy Pregnancy?
Pregnancy is that special time in a woman's life when she experiences giving the gift of life to someone, right inside her own precious being. While the experience of a woman who is carrying may vary from that of another.
Herbal mouthwash: Sole Warrior of Germs and Plaque
Germs and plaque are certainly enemies for oral healthcare. The deposits of plaque and germ infection can be a direct result of lack of oral hygiene. It can further instigate gum diseases.
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